Games standard

Games Open 13.3
12 minute AMRAP
150 Wall balls 10kg
90 double unders
30 Muscle Up

I was quite looking forward to this, but that may have been a mistake on my part. Based on my numbers I should be able to squeak by the 120 wall balls and at least attempt the double unders. I ended up doing less reps compared to last year, where I think I was able to do 120-something wall balls. There are a few things that might have attributed to this:

1. Stress – finally figured out what has been holding me back in recent performances. Work is getting a bit hectic and I with the upcoming moving flats plus a 3 week business trip I just had too much on my mind. I always fail to consider this as a factor, but reality is that this is a key to any physical endeavor.

2. Too many variables – Having bought a new pair of Reebok CrossFit Oly shoes, this was the first time I’ve ever used them in anger. The result was me not used to the mechanics of having a raised heel, which probably put me off a bit. Plus, I had to throw an extra 1 kg (which amounted to an unnecessary 113kgs of total effort) due to the limited number of 9kg wall balls. Not that it matters, at least I got a good workout out of it.

3. Games standards – I think most of us got hit with this one at some point. It was funny hearing the judges say ‘No Rep! I’m sorry!’. You know how painful those words are, especially if you’ve been ‘no repped’ as well. But we had to be strict, we had to know what is expected of us and that we had to deliver otherwise what’s the point? I’ve always loved the saying: If you have to do it, do it right.

As usual the gang at CrossFit London put in a great effort and we enjoyed cheering each other and gaining inspiration from those who did pretty well. Unfortunately, I will have to bring my cheering to a different box the next 2 WODs. But I am definitely looking forward to share a few pints after all this is over!

Sucked balls

5 rounds (40 min cut off)
10 power cleans (115 lbs, 85 lbs)
15 burpees
20 kb swings (24kgs, 16kgs)
25 wall balls (20lbs, 14lbs)
3 minute rest

We joined a former colleague of ours in one of the local boxes here in Manila for a class and with excellent timing it was a horrible WOD scheduled for the day. Socs and I opted to go a bit lighter on the power cleans (135lbs, 95lbs) Rx but kept everything else Rx. Somehow I just hated the wall balls and was struggling with them. I’m not sure if it was jetlag, the humidity, doing Karen last week or the lopsided ball they had (I blamed it on that haha). I ended up doing singles and doubles finishing probably worse in the class with only 3 rounds and 14 wall balls, Socs only a few reps shy of 5 rounds.

Looking forward to get a few more workouts here before heading back to London.

Technique and rhythm

Warm up
Star Run

Front squat drills (using poles and PVC)
5×3 Front Squat (max 70kgs)

12 Minute AMRAP
12 Wall balls
12 Toes to bar
100m med ball run every 2 minutes

I was quite tempted to sit this one out as work was starting to get in the way and but fortunately I decided to suck it up and just go. Everything in CrossFit can be scaled anyway. Thankfully it was a relatively straightforward session and I got quite a lot out of it.

Front squats have always been a good move for me as it is a final component of my favourite movement the clean. I just find standing tall on the rack position very appealing. We focused on elbows, chest up, knees out and weight on heels througout the movement and I was quite happy to do 70kgs for a 3RM (I’m not quite sure if this is an accurate figure but I don’t have any record of 3RM for a front squat, my 1RM is 85kgs). Technique-wise it felt good so I can look forward to pushing it a bit more next time.

The WOD looked relatively straightforward, I don’t want to say easy haha, and I set myself a goal of 4 or 5 rounds. First 2 minutes went by well as I was able to start my second round. Then for some reason it all came apart after the med ball run. Running with a medicine ball screwed my rhythm up a bit and I lost the technique on the toes to bar and wussed out on the wall balls. It was a bit disappointing, in hindsight, that I can string 8 wall balls if I just concentrate instead of doing 4 crappy ones a set. I did manage a decent last set and banged out 4 rounds + 4 reps. Good session overall in terms of effort and great takeaway in terms of knowledge.

Back for more

Warm Up
I don’t think we needed any, it was pretty warm in the box!

Power Clean (145#, 95#)

20 minute cap
n pull ups
n wall balls
(on the nth minute, do n pullups and n wall balls. game over if you can’t do the prescribed reps within the minute)

Socs and I scheduled another workout in Crossfit Insurrecto and this time we had a skill session prior to the WOD, and fortunately it was my favourite move the power clean! I wasn’t completely happy with my technique though, but still managed to clean 145lbs easy for 3 reps (around 65kgs). We weren’t going for PB 1RMs so I’m happy with that.

I was hoping there won’t be any thrusters on today’s WOD, but then I saw wall balls which is pretty much the same thing. At least a couplet of pull ups and wall balls looked ok enough. We managed to crack on pretty well and I was able to string some pretty good kipping pull ups and the wall balls felt surprisingly easy. Is it because I’m closer now to the equator and the rotation of the Earth helps me in throwing the ball up? I don’t know, what I do know is that I managed to do 9 rounds + 1 wall ball and Socs 8 + 2 wall balls. Thanks to the Insurrecto’s who cheered me on on my last half round!

We’ll try to be back for one more hurrah before we head back to London and Dublin!

Making Faces

I’ve been a bad blogger and neglected to record my previous workouts. So let me make up for it by recounting two of the recent ones:

Friday April 20 – “Karen” 150 wall balls for time (14 lbs) 

I got this done in 10:29…more than 2 minutes shaved off from my previous Karen! Granted,I still could not get the ball high enough, but it was as close to it as I could.  Thighs were extremely painful after this, but I still managed to try some of the bodyweight movements that we’re testing to determine our levels (will post more on that later on).

Tuesday April 24 – 10 minute AMRAP of 15 burpees and 10 KB swings (16kgs)

There was no debate in my head this time, I was going for it RX.  It would be heavy and it would be painful, but I knew if I just kept that power coming from the hip, I could survive, even if it meant less reps than everyone else.  In 10 minutes I managed 4 rounds + 15 burpees + 6 KB swings…nearly 5 rounds which was what most people got on average.  Not too far off considering I went for the weight.  My burpees still need lots of work.  Lots.

Tuesday was also quite interesting…during the warm up we did a bit of bear crawls…I ended up bruising my left thumb.  I must’ve scraped it against the floor.  Very minor injury but I had it cleaned and wrapped up right away as I didn’t like seeing the blood.  At the end of the WOD, we were supposed to do 10 strict pull ups before leaving.  Since I’ve managed a few jumping pull ups already (the bar was still high up even after the jump so I was pulling myself up properly over the bar — just still cant do it from a hanging position — It will come SOON!) I thought I’d start with that.

So I jumped up and held on to the bar.  At that moment Eamon and the rest of the guys cheered me on and were greeted by my pain face.  The pain face was not because of the effort being exerted to get myself up over the bar.  I had, at that moment, gotten cramps on my right leg with my toe pointing downwards.  I had to ask for help since I couldn’t jump down and land on my leg and Eamon helped me down.  Ignoring the cramp pain, I think that was quite funny.  And slightly embarrassing.