No no rep

13.4 Crossfit Games Open
7 minutes
Clean and jerk 135#
Toes to bar

When I heard couplet, I was excited. When I heard clean and jerk, I was happy. When I heard toes to bar, I was good to go. This looked like an easy one, or at least more manageable. I was comfortable with clean and jerk, and while it has been a while since I’ve done toes to bar I had that skill in my bag somewhere.

So off I went to my good friends at Crossfit Insurrecto and jammed with them. I went head to head with one of their guys, but kept to my own game plan and worried about myself. I had to do singles as 136lbs gets heavy quickly for me, but decided to get back to the bar quickly. The cycle could have been better I think, but I’m not to worried about it. I lost my rhythm on the toes to bar and could only string 3 at a time.

We also had a bit of a bar malfunction and had to switch bars losing a few seconds towards the end. I ended up with 46 reps which was 14 shy of my goal. Not great but not bad I think. At least I had no ‘no rep’ and kept my head down and did the work. One more to go.

Winter WOD

There was a bit of snow in London yesterday.  Though its all melted away today, the winter chill remains.  Nothing like a WOD to fight the cold — although I was feeling a little out of it before the workout.  I blame it all on my scarf — anyone else feel a bit choked while wearing scarves?  I always tie ’em up loosely, but somehow they still don’t feel that comfortable.  Five years of experiencing winter means that I don’t always feel like passing out, but I still do every now and then.

All of it went away when the clock hit 1930 though, thankfully, as it was time for the workout.

Overhead Squats 30 kgs
4 min AMRAP —
7 KB snatch right arm (12 kgs)
7 KB snatch left arm (12 kgs)
7 knees to chest


1 minute max burpees

3x (total of 15 mins work)

Snatch 3×3(45 kgs)
Front Squat as many reps as possible (57.5 kgs, 16 reps)

10 min AMRAP
14 KB swings – strictly vertical (24kgs)

My workout was a lot like my last one from Saturday, 7 KB snatches each arm less the pull ups this time so I thought I would get close to my 6+ rounds.  I knew topping that would be tough as there are burpees sandwiched between each 4 minute effort.  As expected, those burpees made everything twice as hard.  I had to focus on hips for the snatch and a bit for the burpees so I could get up properly so that really wore me out.  I’m happy to report though that was used to be knees up are now almost Knees to Chest — progress!  I completed 6 rounds + 9 KB snatches (one more KB than last Saturday) and a 13, 11 and 12 burpees respectively.

Also, about two weeks ago I failed to do one 35kg overhead squat, and today I did 3 sets of 2 reps at 30kgs.  If we had incremental weights I think I would’ve gotten that 35kgs this time.

Allan’s shoulders have been giving him problems for the past 2 days and it nearly stopped him attending tonight’s session.  He’s recovered a bit more though, completing 5 rounds on the WOD…and he seems pretty happy with it considering his condition.

Technique and rhythm

Warm up
Star Run

Front squat drills (using poles and PVC)
5×3 Front Squat (max 70kgs)

12 Minute AMRAP
12 Wall balls
12 Toes to bar
100m med ball run every 2 minutes

I was quite tempted to sit this one out as work was starting to get in the way and but fortunately I decided to suck it up and just go. Everything in CrossFit can be scaled anyway. Thankfully it was a relatively straightforward session and I got quite a lot out of it.

Front squats have always been a good move for me as it is a final component of my favourite movement the clean. I just find standing tall on the rack position very appealing. We focused on elbows, chest up, knees out and weight on heels througout the movement and I was quite happy to do 70kgs for a 3RM (I’m not quite sure if this is an accurate figure but I don’t have any record of 3RM for a front squat, my 1RM is 85kgs). Technique-wise it felt good so I can look forward to pushing it a bit more next time.

The WOD looked relatively straightforward, I don’t want to say easy haha, and I set myself a goal of 4 or 5 rounds. First 2 minutes went by well as I was able to start my second round. Then for some reason it all came apart after the med ball run. Running with a medicine ball screwed my rhythm up a bit and I lost the technique on the toes to bar and wussed out on the wall balls. It was a bit disappointing, in hindsight, that I can string 8 wall balls if I just concentrate instead of doing 4 crappy ones a set. I did manage a decent last set and banged out 4 rounds + 4 reps. Good session overall in terms of effort and great takeaway in terms of knowledge.

I am Paleo. I don’t eat sandwiches

Squat session
Boston Test of KB swings + goblet squats (starting at 6 reps each movement, do prescribed reps on the minute. add 1 rep each movement every minute)
Handstand drills
400m run

400m run
30 push ups
400m run
20 ring dips
400m run
10 handstand push ups
400m run

Post WOD
Pigeon-Ninja stretch
Accumulate 50 toes to bar

I was a bit early, and apprehensive, coming back to the gym after holidays but the weather was nice and I had nothing better to do. When Sally mentioned a sandwich of 400m runs, I figured a run at the start and end won’t be too bad. Then I realized it meant a sandwich of runs in between the push ups, dips and handstand push ups! That’s a Big Mac!

But I carried on making sure all the movements were strict and full range. I was lagging on the first run but managed a good pace in the middle runs. I was able to string the ring dips nicely but took my sweet time on the hand stand push ups. By the end I could only do negatives, and should have probably kept on banging out negatives or kipping it instead of trying to recover to bring out a decent time. I think I did ok considering.

I was sporting my Crossfit Insurrecto shirt, unfortunately did not have time to take a picture to share with the folks back home. Next time guys! Send me one of the new shirts, they look awesome! Add a Philippine flag in there to represent haha!

Boracay Body Part 22: Turks

Warm Up
Turkish Get-up technique

Squat Clean max 70kg

15 minute AMRAP
400m run
14 Turkish get-up 12kgs
9 Toes to bar

Cleans are probably my favorite lifts and I was glad that it was up on the board today. I just checked my notes and my 1RM for squat cleans is currently at 75kgs, and I managed to do 70kgs multiple times today even with a small ankle issue. Things are looking up!

I was also looking forward to actually doing turkish get-ups in a WOD. It is quite a technical move and I enjoy stuff like that. I tried doing 16Kgs before the workout started but deemed it too heavy. I knew I was going to have problems with the run so I decided to go 12kgs which wasn’t too bad. I was able to bang the 9 toes to bar in one go and at a good pace too. But in the end I only managed 2 rounds even, a run and a few get-ups behind the average.