This week’s going to be fun

Warm up
Hip mobility

10 x 3 Power Clean @ 60% 1RM (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)

5 rounds
24 Sit ups
12 Box jumps
6 Sumo deadlift high pull (42.5kgs, 30kgs) Rx level 3

Socs and I signed up for today’s Level 2 class as we decided to try the 4 day a week training schedule. And given that we’ll be heading back to the motherland this weekend that means 4 consecutive days of working out. Fun.

We decided to alternate L2 and L3 classes to ease our way into this, but at the back of my mind I always thought we’d get close to L3 Rx weights anyway (so there you go Kat, you didn’t really force me…this time around).

Never liked SDHPs for some reason, but loved the programmed WOD. The numbers felt right so you just got your head down and did the work. I might have lost a bit of time on the sit ups as I was slipping on the mats a bit, and I might have over counted one round by 4 sit ups. I also split the SDHP on the middle rounds, which was stupid as I could easily do them unbroken. Like I said, I really don’t like them. Socs managed well despite losing time on the sit ups. She finished 11m15s, I finished 10m49s

Good and Bad

Warm Up
Kabadi game

3 60kg Power Cleans every minute for 6 minutes

Lever work

SDHP 35kgs
OHS 35kgs

I just wasn’t in the game this time around. While the strength and skill sessions went ok, I wasn’t particularly happy with my movements on the power cleans. Then it was on to a short-ish WOD. I never really liked sumo deadlift high pulls, I mean if it was hip explosion that we are looking for I feel there are better options such as the KB swing, cleans or snatches (KB or BB). And then there where the overhead squats, which I don’t particularly hate, but I don’t particularly like either. You have to be physically and mentally focused to get that done quickly and safely.

Unfortunately I was neither, lack of proper rest and crap nutrition I attribute it to. I opted to do 35kgs, but I think I could (or should) have gone for maybe 40kgs (Rx was 42.5kgs) and gotten more out of the workout. I did snatch the bar to the overhead position so at least that’s something.

I have made a decision right then and there to join Socs in her Paleo diet. While she is doing absolute strict, I am doing it relatively strict (actually just bringing food to work instead of buying crap from the train station options close to work) to maintain bodyweight which is always a problem for me. Wish us luck.

Picking up the bar

Warm Up/Skills
Double unders

2-2-2-2-2 Deadlift at 100kgs
1 or 2 weighted pull-ups after each set (+16Kgs)

15 minute AMRAP
15 SDLHP (35kgs)
15 Box jumps (24″?)
10 Ring Dips

Andrew seems a little fixated on Fight Gone Bad (FGB) components recently. I believe he did some row/SDLHP combination WOD that nearly killed Ruth (of course that was only a joke for those that can’t read between the lines). Continue reading


Fight Gone Bad
3 rounds, 1 minute each of
Push Press 35kgs
Wall ball 10kgs
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 35kgs
Box jumps
1 minute rest between rounds. Score by reps (row 1 rep = 1 calorie)

They say a true test of a man is when he gets in to a ring and fight. In this particular case I failed miserably. While I didn’t go in an actual ring and an actual fight, this one felt like it. Continue reading