I am a dumbbell

Warm Up

3RM Squat 102.5kgs
Squat Clean Technique 60kgs

12 min AMRAP
Wall walk ladder (1,2,3,4 etc)
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Weighted Sit ups 20kgs

My right leg feels a bit unstable right now, I believe there is bit of tightness on my ITB which needs a bit of mobility work. I’ve been foam rolling it the last few days and it seems to be doing the trick. Hopefully it will get sorted before I do 13.1 of the CrossFit Games Open.

Despite that I was able to do 102.5kgs 3RM on the back squat, which is the theoretical levels I have prior to my holiday break. I still need a bit of work in pushing my bum back especially on the low bar back squat as I tend to be a bit vertical. Squat clean technique session was good and could have probably gone a bit higher as we only had to do 2 reps per set.

My goal for the WOD was supposed to be 4 rounds but I only managed to finish 3 rounds and 8 mountain climbers. I hit a massive wall on round 2 and had loads of ‘no rep’ on the weighted sit ups. I should have gone with a slam ball instead of the dumbbell. It was pain, literally, to get up with a dumbbell on the chest and I can still feel where the solid mass of rubber hit me on each rep. I know I could have done better on this one.


rope burn

rope burn

5×3 OHS @82.5% 1RM (50kgs, 25kg)
6×3 Clean @70% 1RM (60kgs, 40kg)

5 rope climb buy in
KB swing (24kgs, 16kgs)
5 rope climb cash out

Straightforward strength session with overhead squats and cleans. I decided to snatch the weight from the floor to get some practice time in as well (some would term that as bad ass, but I’m not there yet). Then the cleans, which are still a favourite of mine. Hopefully I can get a 100kg clean soon.

I was looking forward to this session as it had rope climbs programmed in, which I have never done properly before (I have done a few ‘no leg’ climbs) but was always curious to see how easy/hard it was. Socs has never done rope climbs so it was quite an accomplishment for her. We kind of forced her to do it, but she scaled it down to halfway up the rope. We talked about it after the session and we reckon she could have done the full climb at least once, maybe twice. Something to consider next time.

The WOD was straightforward enough and I probably lost some time grabbing a bit of a drink and splitting the heavy KB swings on the first 2 rounds. Overall though it was a good session, despite the rope burn I got.

Of Bells and PBs

15mins to find 1RM Squat Clean (A:81kgs PB, S:45kgs)
8×5 Deadlift @ 65% 1RM (A:around 70kgs, S:40kgs)

10 minute AMRAP
5, 10, 15, 20….
Front Squat (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)
Slam Ball (A:15kgs, S:5kgs)

It has been another busy week and it took me another week before I stepped back in the box. I think I did a bit better this time around though. New 1RM squat clean and was able to lift 81kgs, finally was able to ring the PB bell in the process. It was a bit cheeky as I managed to find two 0.5kg plates to put myself 1kg above my previous PB. Socs did pretty well too and had great technique.

Then the WOD, we knew it was going to be difficult but we managed decent numbers. I managed to complete the 15 reps plus 2 slam balls, Socs completed 20 reps plus 2 front squats.

Bells and PBs do not just involve CrossFit though. I just got my Lion Bellworks classic bell and it looks and sounds great, looking forward to my next ride around the area. Also Socs and I have both improved on our climbing with Socs sending a high wall route and a grade 5 route and me doing a 6a at the end of our session.

I love to clean

Establish 2RM Squat Clean (failed at 2nd rep 75kgs)

5×3 Squat Clean at 80% 2RM (60kgs using 75kgs 2RM) rest 90secs after each set

12 minute AMRAP
30 double unders
Max strict pullups
3 Deadlifts at 80% 1RM (used 90kgs for 1RM between 110kgs and 115kgs)

Whenever there are cleans involved in the strength or WOD session I am a happy man. I just managed to clean 75kgs, but failed on the 2nd rep. Not sure what happened but just didn’t have a decent landing to stand up from the bottom. I still used the weight as a reference for the main strength session and felt a bit on the light side. It wasn’t heavy but it did highlight some technique points I have to remember.

It was on to the WOD and I wasn’t really concerned about the deadlifts, even though they were quite heavy. I was worried about the double unders as my left ankle isn’t really up for a beating recently. Still I managed to string around 10 reps on a few occasions, but had to relegate to singles on my 3rd (?) round as I just couldn’t jump high enough to clear the double unders. I did manage to get it back in control (somewhat) on the 4th round.

I think the weight on the deadlift was just right as I failed to do the 3rd rep on the last round, I think neurologically I was fried. I managed to do 3 deadlifts shy of 5 rounds with 19 pullups.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Strict Press max reps at 90% 1RM (45kgs with 3/4 reps)

Clean and Jerk 6-6-6-6 (50kgs?)

AMRAP 15 minutes
Squat clean 1,2,3,4,5,6…. to infinity
30 Double Unders

As mentioned yesterday, I was back for more training and it was a good one! My arms currently hurt like hell.

Felt pretty good on the strict press and hopefully I can improve on my 50kgs 1RM soon. Still have no idea on my max clean and jerk so I always hover on the 40-60kgs mark depending on the rep scheme. I didn’t want to go overboard on the strength session as we had squat cleans in order for the WOD. Which was enjoyable, if I can call it that. Double unders was still a bane for me, took an awful long time on the first few rounds but I was able to string a good few reps together towards the end of the session. I remember thinking ‘holy shit I might exceed 10 in one set!’, then got caught up on 9 reps… damn it! I just have to remember to breathe and swing the ropes really hard from the onset next time.