Ran out of pull ups

3×3 Handstand push up
3RM weighted ring dips

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Weighted Jumping squats (20kgs, 15kgs)
2-4-6-8-10-12-14 Strict Pull ups

Handstands, my favourite. Handstand push ups? Sure, why not. I worked on my deficit HSPUs but just barely able get out 3 reps, when I previously had done 5. All ok though, except for the weighted ring dips, where I maxed out at 16kgs when I previously had 28kgs). Have got a bit more to claw back then.

I thought the WOD was going to be horrible especially when Carolyn decided we add a bar behind our backs for the jumping squats. Socs and I started out well enough and the weighted jumping squats didn’t feel too bad, but as promised the pull ups started to add up. Socs managed to finish 11m44s while I ran out of time with the 12 minute cut-off with 4 pull ups to go. I decided from the very beginning to do proper strict pull ups but I ran out on the 2nd to last round and started to kip a bit. I was ok that I didn’t finish so long as I kept the kip to a minimum and with the volume of pull ups I am quite happy that I went this far.

Full Accountability

One of our new year’s resolution (I hate that term, but there you go) is to ramp up training at least for the first month of the year and see where we are from there.

So to recap some of the recent WODs I forgot to blog.

Our last WOD for 2012. Chose the correct weight this time doing Rx of 60kgs, incomplete rounds not counted (in fact not done on my part) and finishing a respectable 15 rounds total. I think Socs could have gone Rx though, but 16 rounds at 35kg is very good.

January 5 WOD had Socs do Level 2 and me back in Level 3. Did 90kgs (I think) and finished 8 rounds and something (I think). Strict pull ups and the ring dips pumped my arms a bit with the deadlifts categorized as manageable.

In memory of…

Warm up
Star run

Snatch 6×4 (65% 1RM) 40kgs
Front Squat AMAP 85% 1RM (70kgs)

Cpl David O’Connor
12 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (60 kgs)
2-24 Ring dips (starting at 2 ring dips, add 2 reps on each round)

It was time for snatches yet again, but this time it was for volume so I decided to see what the heaviest I could do without sacrificing form. It looked like I could start doing 40kgs for such efforts and probably increase it a bit more as I’m getting the hang of it. I was mostly power snatching closte to 40kgs instead a full squat snatch so I reckon I could do 60kgs on a full squat snatch. That means I could theoretically now do the 2nd part of the Crossfit Games Open Snatch Ladder WOD! Well one rep, but I’ll take it! Looking forward to giving it a go.

Next up on strength was front squats and based on the math, I am now up to a new 1RM of 85kgs based on last night’s effort. That’s 5 kgs up my current PB. Hopefully this can translate to thrusters and cleans.

The WOD was a tribute to someone Tom knew while he was with the Royal Marines Commandos. I decided to keep the weight down to 60kgs instead of 80kgs Rx, which might have been a bad decision as I’ve always wanted to improve my deadlift. But 12 rounds was a lot so I kept the intensity up and pushed to do all 10 deadlifts in one go. I only managed to drop it once or twice, with the others all out or resting at the top. I managed to do 4 ring dips on round 8 I think.

For Queen and Country

3-3-3-3 Weighted pull ups (max 16kg)

Squat Clean

Squat cleans 45KG (60kg Rx)
Ring dips

I just found out we did another benchmark WOD yesterday, awesome! At least I get a chance to have a time against it. Unfortunately I didn’t do it Rx, although 45kgs was an ok weight. I’m not sure I could have done 50kgs though, or Rx. I think if I went any higher my technique would have suffered and it would just snowball from there.

In any case I managed to keep a good pace especially on the squat cleans. Still need a bit more on the ring dips, but it was a great session as I barely had enough breath to shout ‘TIME!’ at the end. Finished Elizabeth in 14:02

Mentally out

Warm up
KB snatch and turkish get up techniques

Mini WOD
Between 2 members (one working at a time) complete:
80 KB snatches
40 Turkish get ups

20 Minute AMRAP
5 Pull ups
5 Ring dips
15 Squats

The WOD should have been easy, low rep scheme body weight AMRAP. Even though it was 20 minutes, it should have been a good solid work. For some reason though I wasn’t in it, not even at 3-2-1 GO! I as very early (an hour early) and instead of warming up and getting excited as I always do, I just wanted to just lie down. I initially set my self a low goal of 10 rounds, I managed 13+1 rep which was consistent as I was down to 6/7 halfway through. I could have probably done 14 or 15 if I pushed a bit more.

I guess we all have those days, this was one of them. I was so out of it I was contemplating on skipping class today, worrying if it was the right decision. Then I checked my schedule and found out my class is tomorrow.