I am also a jerk

5×10 Deadlift (80kgs, 40kgs)
1RM Push Jerk (85kgs, 45kgs – cleaned from floor)

5 rounds
400m run
15 overhead squats (42kgs, 20kgs)

I think my nutrition plan needs updating as I was starving on the way to the gym despite having some fruits before leaving the office. This may have contributed to me not being able to finish the prescribed sets of deadlifts. Although I think it was over my 60 percent of my 1RM so I’ll take it.

I was aiming for 80kgs on the push jerk and I was paired with Yuri who had the same goal. We worked our way up the weight and got our PBs. Kat suggested trying at least 85kgs so we have it a go. And I made my second attempt! Joy! Significant improvement there. Next goal would be 90kgs.

The WOD has a run component which I knew I would suck at. I managed to string together decent OHS, but lost huge time on the run. I only managed to finish 4 rounds around 19 minutes. Socs finished around 20 minutes.

I’m a bit worried about the 13.1 Open WOD after this as we had to snatch the bar giving me an idea of trying to snatch a heavy-ish weight while gassed. I may have to rethink my strategy for tomorrow’s attempt.

More snatches

Warm Up
Run around the block

5×10 Press (30kgs, 20kgs)
7×1 Snatch (55kgs, 32.5kgs)

OHS (30kgs, 20kgs)
Push Jerk

After doing loads of snatches previously, we were back again for more overhead stuff which meant our shoulders were in for some beating. Even during the press, my shoulders started to fry up and was not able to finish the 10 reps in one set on the last 2 sets. They are definitely my weakness and I need to work on them more, something to keep in mind on the Saturday strength sessions perhaps.

While my favourite move is the clean, the snatch is fast becoming another favourite. I just love the technicality of it all and the surprise I get when I can get the bar overhead easily despite the weight if everything falls together. Unfortunately I just failed on getting 55kgs overhead this time around, especially when I was able to do at least 2 during the last WOD.

I decided to stick to 30kgs (L2 Rx) on the WOD due to this (L3 weight was 42.5kgs), but I briefly thought about bumping it up to 35kgs. I managed to do the 20 reps of the OHS unbroken which wasn’t too bad actually. However I broke everything else into 5s or less after that I think, especially on the push jerk. I think my shoulders just got pumped and I just couldn’t push through mentally. I finished in around 8m30s and Socs around 7m25s. I think I could have gone faster if I cycled through the push jerks better, but at least I was able to do the first 20 reps unbroken a little reminder next time that I know I can do it.

Not yet strong enough

Warm Up
Level 2 (Socs)
Negative ring dips, banded pull ups

Level 3 (Allan)
WOD movements see below

Turkish get up practice 16kgs KB
6×5 Push press @ 40kgs

5 rounds
5 Power cleans (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)
10 Front Squat
5 Push Jerk
20 Pull ups (10 for Socs)
90 second rest

When I saw that we were scheduled to do a hero WOD called Hammer, I wasn’t sure what weight I would be doing. I can do 60kgs (Rx weight) power cleans for 5 reps sure. I can do 10 front squats as well. 5 push jerks are also possible I believe. Even at 5 rounds I could probably do it. But not all 3 in one round, 5 times. It’s not called a hero WOD for nothing.

I figured, correctly, that 50kgs would be the Goldilocks zone and it was apparent on the strength session that I am in still need of a strength boost. As Tom pointed out, my technique/mechanics are good but I can still improve on my strength. It just hammered in (pun intended) my current mindset of getting the weight on and concentrate on that. I just need to remind myself every time I step in to the gym.

Although I do need to sort out my sore shoulders and arms in order to maximize my training effort. Might just book myself a massage this weekend.

The WOD was as nasty as I imagined. Most of us in the class agreed that the combination of movements lead to us struggling on the push jerks. With a time cap of 25 minutes, I managed to do 4 rounds + 2 push jerk (I was ready to die then) while Socs finished 5 rounds in 21m24s.


Strength 1
7 rounds
1 min HSPU (for quality)
1 min Pull ups (for reps)

Strength 2
5×1 Heavy Snatch 45kgs

10 minutes
7 Push Jerk 40kgs
7 Box jumps

I came in early and I saw loads of work being done. I was scared, but I was able to formulate some sort of game plan for the hour to come. First strength session was just to get used to pushing and pulling my own body weight. Pleasantly surprised to bang out 5/6 hand stand push ups (with 2 abmats on the first round) but tapered off to 2/3 for the rest (even with Nick nicking one of my abmats on the later rounds…. see what I did there?). And pull up work was just that, get some volume training in.

I was looking forward to the snatch session and as I’ve never had the chance to work on heavy snatches I decided to incrementally increase the weight and ended up doing 45kgs. New PB! I think i could have gone a bit heavier and maybe pulled a 50kgs, but I’ll take 45!

I decided to go with Phil’s recommendation of 10kgs off my 1RM strict press. If it got heavy, I would just reset and chip away at the reps. It was only 10 minutes and 7 reps per round anyway. The weight was just about perfect, any heavier and shit would just hit the fan in terms of form and performance. I am still contemplating if I pushed as much as I could as I didn’t feel like dying (or crying) at any point and I was able to do dynamic box jumps to cycle the rounds quicker. I ended up with 7 full rounds with 7 push jerks.

Boracay Body Part 18: Schooled

Warm up
Star run (approx 400m)
Hoover ball game
– player 1 does wall ball and gets out of the way
– player 2 catches and does wall ball and gets out of the way
– repeat. if any player fails to catch or throw properly 1 point
– first player to get 3 points gets 5 burpee penalty

30 minutes free period (ring dips and muscle up progression)
Toes To Bar

3 rounds
1 minute each
Push Jerk 40kgs
Toes To Bar
Row for distance

It was like going to school yesterday at the gym. Do a bit of running, play some hoover ball and then free period where you can do anything. I decided to work on my ring dips as I can’t seem to graduate from the red bands during WODs. Tom had to smack me in the head (just kidding) telling me that if I could do 10 dips in one go then the only way for me to improve is throw away the band and screw score or time. It was a good reminder to improve my strength and endurance first rather than putting emphasis on my score/times. I worked on a few muscle up techniques as well during this time.

We then moved to kipping practice, which I definitely need. I think I managed to incorporate some of the kipping toes to bar during the WOD a few times. Overall it was a good session that didn’t destroy me for the upcoming Crossfit Games Open WOD.

After that, some wonderful grilled salmon with carrot and fennel salad…oh yeah.