Ouch! But I’ll live.

Another session at Crossfit London today, and for those who think that scaled workouts are a walk in the park, here’s what I brought home with me today after doing scaled pull-ups (i.e. less reps than originally prescribed and assisted by a blue band):


Well, that’s one way to remove callus…

Skill of the week:  Handstands and Handstand Push ups; Progression: “Nose to Toes” and Handstand Push Ups with feet on the box
Skill: Double Unders
Strength: establish 1RM Snatch
5 Rounds —
3 Hang Power Snatch (30 kgs)
6 Pull Ups (blue band)

My “nose to toes” are still not as close to the wall as they should be, but maybe if I practice my forward roll and learn how to bail out of it properly then it can improve.

On my snatch, I have finally lifted that 35 kgs again!  Having only done it once before, I have been doubting myself and even wondered if it really happened.  But today Kat had added the weight in without letting me see it — the idea that I should “just lift” and not think too much of the weight.  Result:  35 kg snatch!  She did add in a few more (37.5 kgs) but that didn’t quite happen.  A new snatch goal has been set!

The workout originally required 12 pull ups.  On my first round I was kipping the reps even with the band and I got called out for that.  So on my next reps, I could only string them into 2s and then just singles.  Even then it was a struggle to do them strict and with the proper height.  Hopefully my persistence tonight — and some continuous training —  I can add to my 1 pull up and improve on any next WODs with strict pull ups.  Finished 5 rounds at around 11:30 with blood on my hands, literally (see photo above).

Hobbled home after that,  and I was seriously walking funny and very slowly.  Did I mention that I still have a bad case of DOMs from Tuesday’s squats?

Not yet strong enough

Warm Up
Level 2 (Socs)
Negative ring dips, banded pull ups

Level 3 (Allan)
WOD movements see below

Turkish get up practice 16kgs KB
6×5 Push press @ 40kgs

5 rounds
5 Power cleans (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)
10 Front Squat
5 Push Jerk
20 Pull ups (10 for Socs)
90 second rest

When I saw that we were scheduled to do a hero WOD called Hammer, I wasn’t sure what weight I would be doing. I can do 60kgs (Rx weight) power cleans for 5 reps sure. I can do 10 front squats as well. 5 push jerks are also possible I believe. Even at 5 rounds I could probably do it. But not all 3 in one round, 5 times. It’s not called a hero WOD for nothing.

I figured, correctly, that 50kgs would be the Goldilocks zone and it was apparent on the strength session that I am in still need of a strength boost. As Tom pointed out, my technique/mechanics are good but I can still improve on my strength. It just hammered in (pun intended) my current mindset of getting the weight on and concentrate on that. I just need to remind myself every time I step in to the gym.

Although I do need to sort out my sore shoulders and arms in order to maximize my training effort. Might just book myself a massage this weekend.

The WOD was as nasty as I imagined. Most of us in the class agreed that the combination of movements lead to us struggling on the push jerks. With a time cap of 25 minutes, I managed to do 4 rounds + 2 push jerk (I was ready to die then) while Socs finished 5 rounds in 21m24s.

Full Accountability

One of our new year’s resolution (I hate that term, but there you go) is to ramp up training at least for the first month of the year and see where we are from there.

So to recap some of the recent WODs I forgot to blog.

Our last WOD for 2012. Chose the correct weight this time doing Rx of 60kgs, incomplete rounds not counted (in fact not done on my part) and finishing a respectable 15 rounds total. I think Socs could have gone Rx though, but 16 rounds at 35kg is very good.

January 5 WOD had Socs do Level 2 and me back in Level 3. Did 90kgs (I think) and finished 8 rounds and something (I think). Strict pull ups and the ring dips pumped my arms a bit with the deadlifts categorized as manageable.

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

Warm up
Star run
Walking OH lunges (forward and back)

Push Jerk 5×3 (50kgs)
Power Snatch 5×5 (40kgs)

Thrusters (40kgs)
Pull ups

Right, Fran… but before that we had some push jerks and snatches to go through. 50kgs on the jerk felt surprisingly easy, which was the recommended weight. I could have probably gone a bit higher but figured 50kgs was a good number to start off with. The snatches were a bit different though as I couldn’t dial in the technique this time around, did ok but not spectacular.

Then we had a few minutes fluffing about before Fran. The infamous Fran. It’s been a while since I did it and I think I sucked. This time I think I did a better job. I believe I managed to do it in around 10-11minutes, I was in pain for a minute after finishing it so couldn’t really look at the clock. I think I might be able to do it Rx next time around and looking forward to it. Huge thanks to Tom and the rest of the gang for cheering me on to get on the bar. It was uncomfortable but I’m starting to see again where I can push and where I’m just being a wuss.

Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve

Warm Up
Star run

Deadlift 8-8-8-8-8plus (60kgs, last set 12 reps)
5×1 Clean and Jerk (50kgs)

10 minute AMRAP
15 Unbroken KB swings (20kg)
5 Strict Pull ups

200m medball run penalty for breaking KB swings

I was quite excited for the day’s session but as soon as we got started, I was thrown a curve ball by the British summer. It was sweltering hot! I believe it was up to 30 degrees, which is quite a departure from the last few weeks of rain. In any case, I believe I could and should have gone to 70kgs on the deadlift as 60 was relatively easy and not really 65% of my working 1RM (which was the aim). I could have probably done more than 12 reps on the last set but I was losing form a bit, probably due to the grip.

Same story on the clean and jerk. 60kgs would probably have been more appropriate as 50kgs wasn’t much of a challenge (sorry for sounding cocky there).

The WOD was just right though. I have always been breaking my reps into sets of 5s or 10s, but this called for 15 unbroken heavy swings. I managed to do that for 4 rounds, but mentally I was struggling a bit and my grip was getting close to failing as well. I had to take the bullet and do the penalty run on round 5. I definitely need to work on my mental toughness as well as my grip. I managed a decent score I think, as my goal was 5 or 6 and I could have probably done 6 if not for the run.