Boracay Body Part 4: Pole Dancing

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1 (60kgs)

Pole dancing moves

15 minute AMRAP
50 Squats
Max pull ups (14,10,10,9,6)

Yes, as CrossFit promotes functional movements and can translate to the real world, Andrew decided some pole dancing was in order. Some of us now know we can potentially have a career in the pole dancing industry when things go bust. We did make up for it in the earlier session of clean and jerks. I was surprisingly able to clean 60kgs easily and only had a few issues with the jerk component but I think I can get that sorted with a few more tries. I think my goal of 80kgs power clean is definitely attainable.

The WOD was definitely horrible. I was chatting to a fellow Crossfitter recently noticing that we weren’t doing much squats in our WODS, so I guess we got what we asked for. I used to think that my squats were my strong point, but my legs started to feel like bricks after the second round as my hamstrings were feeling tight for the last few days. I managed to average 10 pull ups per round, which was my goal. I could have probably pushed a but more, but I’m still feeling weak on my elbows so I decided to take it relatively easy.