More London Photos

More photos around London, from Finsbury Park, to Soho and Covent Garden.

And Just Like That, It’s Winter Again

The weeekend was absolutely gorgeous.  The sun was out, and we were out in our shorts and shirt.  Everyone was wondering why on earth it was so sunny when it was already October.  But at the back of everyone’s mind was that winter won’t be long.  The weekend was a last hurrah for sun lovers.

And so it seems that’s what it really was.  As of yesterday, there was an unmistakable  fall/winter chill in the air.  I think when I go out next, I’ll make sure to bring my beanie with me, just in case.

In memory of the glorious summer I had this year (and so I can finally post them), I’m sharing just a handful photos from one of the trips about town from last September.  You can also view this set  in my flickr page.

Notting Hill Carnival 2011

For the longest time, Notting Hill to me was just a movie — a personally well-liked movie but still just a movie nonetheless.  This year when we first visited London, we had a chance to wander about the markets and found that it also has some really nice looking homes.  Of course when we started to researching places to rent when Allan was moving, we found out that they all came with a price — and it was way, waaaaaayy beyond the budget.

Last September, we heard about the Notting Hill Carnival — a yearly festival where people fill the streets to get a glimpse of the floats (they were more like trucks with massive sound systems rather than floats really) with their legion of colorfully dressed revelers, move in the unmistakably Caribbean booty-shakin’ way and to indulge in Jamaican Jerk Chicken.  Booze of course is expected, this is England after all. Continue reading

Crossfit Ireland i8

I attended my first ever CrossFit event last Saturday.  It was Crossfit Ireland‘s Invitational 8 event and Eamon and Jody from Ronin Crossfit were competing.  Naturally, I turned up to show my support and at the same time, give taking photos of this type of event a go.

Played around with editing (again) for this one, and I thought black and white generally gave the photos the drama that it is due.  These athletes were pushing their limits with every rep and all that hard work, strength and determination seem to be given due respect when you strip it off of all the colours.  After this weekend, I think everyone who’s ever tried CrossFit should experience events like these.

For the full set — and most importantly, if you’re from Ronin and you’re looking for those pain faces, please drop by my flickr page 🙂