New to Hasselblad photography

Bought a Hasselblad 500 c/m as a gift to myself, these are some pictures from the first 2 rolls. I’m a bit gutted with some light leaks on some of the pictures, I’ll have a quick chat with the store to see if what the probable causes are (could be my fault). Overall I’m quite happy with the outcome. Film is Fuji Pro 160NS.

Meeting East London

Allan found London Flickr Meetup a few weeks back.  After having heard from a local photography club and ending up intimidated (I need to bring samples of my work to show them when I attend their meeting) the idea of just showing up and having an entire afternoon of shooting as ice breaker is much more desirable.

Our first meetup was last Saturday, where they had scheduled a walk around East London visiting the Stratford Marshes and the site of the Olympic games for 2012.

The area near Stratford had plenty of potential…a real test to my “photographic” eye.  I knew there were wonderful photos everywhere and I was racking my brain trying to come up with the composition and photo worthy of taking and sharing with the world.  I’ve a few, but they really do not do the area justice.

Further on, we arrived at the site of next year’s Olympic games.  Everything was taking shape nicely and I was impressed by the fact that they have setup an area where curious people like us can come and see what’s happening.  Don’t really have anything worth sharing from that area, but here’s a snapshop of the main stadium just to share:

After a break and some tea (well, coffee for me actually) we headed off to find the pub which was the destination for the day — Did I mention that these walks typically end in a pub?  On the way we stopped by a canal on the outskirts of the Olympic site.  The area was dotted with what seemed like warehouses and some advertised artists’ studios.  I could imagine how they looked like on the outside…they probably had high ceilings with beams and open plan…like those designer lofts (not the split-level lofts back in Manila that we know of) in New York that I’ve only ever seen on TV.  Of course I couldn’t peek inside…and it was all just my imagination.  These seemed pretty much industrial use more than residential.  I noticed that some windows actually appear like doors

As the pub was no longer serving food and it was way past lunchtime, we ended up at The Counter Cafe.  Really charming cafe situated in a gallery.  We sat on refurbished cinema seats (the type where the seat folds back), had some grub and sat back with the view of the Olympic stadium and the canal just outside the window.  I hope I can come back to this place soon.

And finally, my favorite photo from that day…Ironically, its neither taken from Stratford nor the Olympic site.  This was our table at the Counter Cafe.  I dont know…the wood and the table top paraphernalia just got to me, add in a little post processing and voila:

Initial steps

The journey has officially begun. Over the weekend I went to our primary options Nuestra Senora de Gracia for the church and Filipinas Heritage Library for the reception. Good thing they are still open (we are looking at Oct 2, 2010 as The Date).

After discussing it over with Socs, we are set. I’ll be blocking the date for both the church and reception this week. Joy!

The icing on the cake is that our non-negotiable mangoRed is also open for our date! Hell yeah! Will book them as soon as possible as well.

Unfortunately all these mean cashing out money for reservations. Small price to pay though….