Winter WOD

There was a bit of snow in London yesterday.  Though its all melted away today, the winter chill remains.  Nothing like a WOD to fight the cold — although I was feeling a little out of it before the workout.  I blame it all on my scarf — anyone else feel a bit choked while wearing scarves?  I always tie ’em up loosely, but somehow they still don’t feel that comfortable.  Five years of experiencing winter means that I don’t always feel like passing out, but I still do every now and then.

All of it went away when the clock hit 1930 though, thankfully, as it was time for the workout.

Overhead Squats 30 kgs
4 min AMRAP —
7 KB snatch right arm (12 kgs)
7 KB snatch left arm (12 kgs)
7 knees to chest


1 minute max burpees

3x (total of 15 mins work)

Snatch 3×3(45 kgs)
Front Squat as many reps as possible (57.5 kgs, 16 reps)

10 min AMRAP
14 KB swings – strictly vertical (24kgs)

My workout was a lot like my last one from Saturday, 7 KB snatches each arm less the pull ups this time so I thought I would get close to my 6+ rounds.  I knew topping that would be tough as there are burpees sandwiched between each 4 minute effort.  As expected, those burpees made everything twice as hard.  I had to focus on hips for the snatch and a bit for the burpees so I could get up properly so that really wore me out.  I’m happy to report though that was used to be knees up are now almost Knees to Chest — progress!  I completed 6 rounds + 9 KB snatches (one more KB than last Saturday) and a 13, 11 and 12 burpees respectively.

Also, about two weeks ago I failed to do one 35kg overhead squat, and today I did 3 sets of 2 reps at 30kgs.  If we had incremental weights I think I would’ve gotten that 35kgs this time.

Allan’s shoulders have been giving him problems for the past 2 days and it nearly stopped him attending tonight’s session.  He’s recovered a bit more though, completing 5 rounds on the WOD…and he seems pretty happy with it considering his condition.

That’s What I Get

Warm Up:

200m run
3 rounds of — 10 dislocates, 10 rollovers, 10 bootstrappers

Overhead Squat 2,2,2,2 (30kgs)

Push Press (25 kgs)
Box Jumps
Double Double Unders (Singles: 63,45,27)

Another PR today!  Nic and I were sharing a bar, and we worked up to 30kgs for the Strength bit.  I’ve not done a lot of Overhead Squats, but certainly happy we pushed for that weight.

The Push Press was definitely the toughest part of the WOD for me.  On the first round I was tempted to throw down the bar on my 15th rep to rest.  But I just told myself, it was only 21 and then the next set will be for less, so I should just stick with it.  Managed to go through until the end of the 21, but I did drop the bar at 10 for the set of 15.  I didn’t mind that I had to clean it off the floor again, I just needed a break. Continue reading


I’ve never done a WOD with an Over Head Squat until today.  I’ve done the drills and practiced with the PVC and plates, but to actually do several reps and in combination with other things — nope.  And it happened to be combined with something else that I’ve not tried (in drills nor in WODs) — Double Unders.  Continue Reading