Getting left behind

Remember this? Well that’s not going to happen, not anytime soon that is. 5 months on and I am not any closer to my goals. In fact I may have fallen behind quite a bit.

To recap, I was quite looking forward to training since the last time I posted that blog entry and had planned to work out quite a lot despite being on holiday in the Philippines. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t listen to my body and injured my left elbow (thanks to a few units of alcohol… don’t ask). It took a while to heal, then I got my right wrist injured (no idea how I hurt it). But that wasn’t all, I had to have a root canal treatment as well which took me out of getting back into training.

Even my coaching has taken a back step, despite teaching two Level 1 classes and helping out a few folks with some skill work. Everyone seems to be getting on well in the gym, and I am envious of all the progress everyone has made in my absence. I have a long ways to go.

I have one more dental appointment, so I’m glad that will be out of the way soon. My wrist is still not 100% but good enough to train. I have also signed up at a ‘proper’ gym in Warwick (I am in Warwick on weekdays for business) which allows me to train my olympic lifting and hopefully get myself back on track. I have also booked into a 2 day weightlifting course in CrossFit SE11 in August. I have also talked to one of the coaches in terms of helping out in teaching more Level 1 classes.

So its strength/olympic lifting on weekdays in Warwick, coaching duties on weekends and maybe sneak in a Level 2/3 CrossFit class/hand balancing/ropes class as well. All of this is going to eat into my knitting time…. oh, did I mention I started knitting?


Numbers and Goals, Inspiration and Motivation

Perhaps like most CrossFitters, I keep track of my progress across a few chosen fitness benchmarks whether it is monotructural, benchmark metabolic conditioning WODs, gymnastic movements, or weightlifting PBs. Mine may not be the best way of tracking things, and might not even prove useful in programming or any sort of assessment but at least I can see at a glance where I am and where I may want to go.

At the moment it is all about the Olympic Weightlifting moves, the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. Whilst I am still working on improving my handstand and eventually do handstand walks, as well as doing Rachel’s rope and ring classes (just because it’s fun) I have always been fascinated with the classic lifts once I had a better understanding of it’s technical intricacies.

My goals now, to carve it on the proverbial rock of the interwebs, is to get 100kgs on the C&J and 75kgs on the Snatch. This is approximately 1.5x bodyweight on C&J and a bit more than 1x bodyweight Snatch, up from my current PBs of 85kgs/62.5kgs respectively. Lofty goals for sure (as much as 20% increase), but better to aim for the stars and reach the moon (or something like that).

I don’t have a time frame for it since travelling for work is getting in the way of proper training. But in order to keep the goals firmly in my sights, I have decided that I will reward myself with something permanent and close to my heart in the event that I achieve the numbers. Now Socs might not have approved of that reward, but I still have time to convince her. Maybe she will be so impressed with my (weightlifting) moves that she would just say yes. I’m keeping the reward as a surprise…

On a different note, Socs and I have always endeavored to make this blog a bit more lively with pictures so I leave you with a picture of me doing a fuck ugly power snatch at a measly 35kgs.