I am also a jerk

5×10 Deadlift (80kgs, 40kgs)
1RM Push Jerk (85kgs, 45kgs – cleaned from floor)

5 rounds
400m run
15 overhead squats (42kgs, 20kgs)

I think my nutrition plan needs updating as I was starving on the way to the gym despite having some fruits before leaving the office. This may have contributed to me not being able to finish the prescribed sets of deadlifts. Although I think it was over my 60 percent of my 1RM so I’ll take it.

I was aiming for 80kgs on the push jerk and I was paired with Yuri who had the same goal. We worked our way up the weight and got our PBs. Kat suggested trying at least 85kgs so we have it a go. And I made my second attempt! Joy! Significant improvement there. Next goal would be 90kgs.

The WOD has a run component which I knew I would suck at. I managed to string together decent OHS, but lost huge time on the run. I only managed to finish 4 rounds around 19 minutes. Socs finished around 20 minutes.

I’m a bit worried about the 13.1 Open WOD after this as we had to snatch the bar giving me an idea of trying to snatch a heavy-ish weight while gassed. I may have to rethink my strategy for tomorrow’s attempt.

More snatches

Warm Up
Run around the block

5×10 Press (30kgs, 20kgs)
7×1 Snatch (55kgs, 32.5kgs)

OHS (30kgs, 20kgs)
Push Jerk

After doing loads of snatches previously, we were back again for more overhead stuff which meant our shoulders were in for some beating. Even during the press, my shoulders started to fry up and was not able to finish the 10 reps in one set on the last 2 sets. They are definitely my weakness and I need to work on them more, something to keep in mind on the Saturday strength sessions perhaps.

While my favourite move is the clean, the snatch is fast becoming another favourite. I just love the technicality of it all and the surprise I get when I can get the bar overhead easily despite the weight if everything falls together. Unfortunately I just failed on getting 55kgs overhead this time around, especially when I was able to do at least 2 during the last WOD.

I decided to stick to 30kgs (L2 Rx) on the WOD due to this (L3 weight was 42.5kgs), but I briefly thought about bumping it up to 35kgs. I managed to do the 20 reps of the OHS unbroken which wasn’t too bad actually. However I broke everything else into 5s or less after that I think, especially on the push jerk. I think my shoulders just got pumped and I just couldn’t push through mentally. I finished in around 8m30s and Socs around 7m25s. I think I could have gone faster if I cycled through the push jerks better, but at least I was able to do the first 20 reps unbroken a little reminder next time that I know I can do it.


rope burn

rope burn

5×3 OHS @82.5% 1RM (50kgs, 25kg)
6×3 Clean @70% 1RM (60kgs, 40kg)

5 rope climb buy in
KB swing (24kgs, 16kgs)
5 rope climb cash out

Straightforward strength session with overhead squats and cleans. I decided to snatch the weight from the floor to get some practice time in as well (some would term that as bad ass, but I’m not there yet). Then the cleans, which are still a favourite of mine. Hopefully I can get a 100kg clean soon.

I was looking forward to this session as it had rope climbs programmed in, which I have never done properly before (I have done a few ‘no leg’ climbs) but was always curious to see how easy/hard it was. Socs has never done rope climbs so it was quite an accomplishment for her. We kind of forced her to do it, but she scaled it down to halfway up the rope. We talked about it after the session and we reckon she could have done the full climb at least once, maybe twice. Something to consider next time.

The WOD was straightforward enough and I probably lost some time grabbing a bit of a drink and splitting the heavy KB swings on the first 2 rounds. Overall though it was a good session, despite the rope burn I got.

Post work

2 rounds of shoulder dislocates
10 reps standing up
10 reps bottom of squat

OHS 3-3-3-1-1-1 (60kgs max)

5 rounds (15min cut-off)
15 Power cleans (40kgs)
30 Sit-ups

This was my first time to join a class coming in from work in the city so I was a little apprehensive on the timing of the commute. Victoria station was quite crowded today but I made it 30 minutes early for the class. This meant I was able to see what was in store for the WOD.

The power cleans looked bad and the sit-ups meant I had nowhere to hide on this one. And I was right. I started of with the 50kgs Rx weight hoping but at the back of my mind I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. On the 3rd round I had 2 consecutive no-reps on the power cleans which signalled my choice to bring the weight down to 40kgs. I later found out that a couple of guys had the same problem.

Overall it was a fun workout and I can feel my abs still hurting an hour later. Good stuff.