Games standard

Games Open 13.3
12 minute AMRAP
150 Wall balls 10kg
90 double unders
30 Muscle Up

I was quite looking forward to this, but that may have been a mistake on my part. Based on my numbers I should be able to squeak by the 120 wall balls and at least attempt the double unders. I ended up doing less reps compared to last year, where I think I was able to do 120-something wall balls. There are a few things that might have attributed to this:

1. Stress – finally figured out what has been holding me back in recent performances. Work is getting a bit hectic and I with the upcoming moving flats plus a 3 week business trip I just had too much on my mind. I always fail to consider this as a factor, but reality is that this is a key to any physical endeavor.

2. Too many variables – Having bought a new pair of Reebok CrossFit Oly shoes, this was the first time I’ve ever used them in anger. The result was me not used to the mechanics of having a raised heel, which probably put me off a bit. Plus, I had to throw an extra 1 kg (which amounted to an unnecessary 113kgs of total effort) due to the limited number of 9kg wall balls. Not that it matters, at least I got a good workout out of it.

3. Games standards – I think most of us got hit with this one at some point. It was funny hearing the judges say ‘No Rep! I’m sorry!’. You know how painful those words are, especially if you’ve been ‘no repped’ as well. But we had to be strict, we had to know what is expected of us and that we had to deliver otherwise what’s the point? I’ve always loved the saying: If you have to do it, do it right.

As usual the gang at CrossFit London put in a great effort and we enjoyed cheering each other and gaining inspiration from those who did pretty well. Unfortunately, I will have to bring my cheering to a different box the next 2 WODs. But I am definitely looking forward to share a few pints after all this is over!

Not a good pre-WOD meal

Warm up/Skill
Squat Clean drills
Muscle up progressions
Squat Clean skill (maxed at 72.5kgs)

3 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings (20kgs)
12 pull ups

Coming to the gym, I wasn’t feeling great. I think it was the McDonald’s burger I had for lunch or the fruits for snacks, probably the burger. In any case I felt bloated and gassy but proceeded anyway and just scale down a bit or take it easy depending on what was on the table. We got to work on our squat clean technique which I think went quite well and I got close to my 1RM even after being away for a while. Olympic lifting is very technical and the skill needs constant revisiting to improve so I was happy with the session.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that the WOD scheduled was a benchmark WOD, at least I got a chance to log in a time for this particular one. We ran out of 24kg kettle bells (which is the prescribed weight) so I had to settle with a 20kg one. Which was alright considering my stomach issue at the time. It did get me during the run, but I managed to stick to a good rep scheme on the swings but I still need work on my pull ups. I tend to stop around 5 reps because I feel my hands slipping or I haven’t managed to get a proper grip on the thick pull up bars we have here. I have found that getting my hands over the bar, in an almost false grip hold made me a bit more confident. I will try that out next time and try to bang out 10 reps a set more consistently

Boracay Body Part 18: Schooled

Warm up
Star run (approx 400m)
Hoover ball game
– player 1 does wall ball and gets out of the way
– player 2 catches and does wall ball and gets out of the way
– repeat. if any player fails to catch or throw properly 1 point
– first player to get 3 points gets 5 burpee penalty

30 minutes free period (ring dips and muscle up progression)
Toes To Bar

3 rounds
1 minute each
Push Jerk 40kgs
Toes To Bar
Row for distance

It was like going to school yesterday at the gym. Do a bit of running, play some hoover ball and then free period where you can do anything. I decided to work on my ring dips as I can’t seem to graduate from the red bands during WODs. Tom had to smack me in the head (just kidding) telling me that if I could do 10 dips in one go then the only way for me to improve is throw away the band and screw score or time. It was a good reminder to improve my strength and endurance first rather than putting emphasis on my score/times. I worked on a few muscle up techniques as well during this time.

We then moved to kipping practice, which I definitely need. I think I managed to incorporate some of the kipping toes to bar during the WOD a few times. Overall it was a good session that didn’t destroy me for the upcoming Crossfit Games Open WOD.

After that, some wonderful grilled salmon with carrot and fennel salad…oh yeah.

October 2, 2010

Today is our first church wedding anniversary (not to be confused with our ‘actual’ wedding anniversary), and Socs and I celebrated it by going to Crossfit London UK for couple of hours. That looks to be our idea of fun these days.

Andrew decided to set-up a new class schedule wherein you are just free to have a go at improving your strength on anything. So here’s what we did:

Negative pull-ups
Negative ring dips
Deadlift (75kg 1RM)
Kipping technique

Weighted pull-ups
Weighted ring dips
Muscle ups
Deadlift (110kgs 3RM)

Socs wanted to work on her pull-ups and handstands so we tried to get her do her single pull-up. We tried doing kips and see if she can pull one out of the bag but it still eluded her, she is getting pretty close though. She was also able to stay at the upside down position for quite a bit, huge thanks to Kat for providing the right cues in getting inverted. And given that 2 hours is quite a long time, we had time in trying for a new 1RM on the deadlift. A new PR of 75kgs on that one.

I wanted to work on my pull-ups and ring dips, as I feel I am getting a little weak on those movements so I decided to try and do 2-3 reps of weighted pull-ups/ring dips. They did feel quite good even with the added weight (10kgs I think). I was also trying to keep the hollow position during the movements to strengthen my core as well. Feeling pretty good, and envious of Cameron, I decided to give muscle ups a go. I’ve done one muscle up before and I wanted to see if I am still able to do it, and do it properly. I think I was able to do 3 with a good bit of rest in between tries. Muscle ups are definitely fun to do. As for the deadlift, I think I burned myself out before going for the 1RM. But at least I was able to lift my previous 1RM weight three times.

We finished the day with double under practice… and a chorizo burger in Borough market 🙂