My four years and 8 months in Dublin ends today.  There are so many things I’d like to say about my stay in Ireland, but I’ve been finding it hard to put words down.  Dublin is where I learned to truly be independent and with this type of independence comes loads of other responsibilities, everything adding up to teach me things I previously ignored, could not appreciate or simply did not realize.

Good bye Dublin.

( “Sláinte” is Gaelic for “health” and is used to in cheers to mean “to your good health”)

Back from Vacation (Counting up: Day 89)

I am resurfacing slowly from my holiday-induced stupor…there simply is no point fighting it, I have to get back to the real world eventually.  First up, I am resuming my count up to the big move:

Day 88:  I headed over to the embassy to submit my documents.  Funny how all the months of waiting results in pages of paper and a few combination of official letters and numbers.  From here on it will probably take 15-20 working days before I get my passport and visa.  And then not long after that, I will be off.

The idea of moving is not as difficult as it was before I went on vacation.  I guess seeing home and family again reminded me that this is no longer THE big move.  The biggest move was done almost 4 years ago.  This is merely a continuation.

I will miss Dublin — there is no doubt about it — and the friends I’ve made here, the homey city where you pretty much know where everything is and the quality of apartments I can afford to live in.  But for now, I’m still missing home and I can only afford to miss one thing at a time.

An Ode to 5

Thanks for providing a home for me in foreign land. A daunting task, getting settled halfway around the world with not much in hand. But you provided me with a roof over my head and a base to start my new life. Flat 5 and W5 provided me with a first taste of living a Londoner’s life. I loved the accessibility, the green surroundings, and the quite neighborhood (except for maybe one instance).

But it’s time to move on, experience a different part of this great city. And wouldn’t you know… number 5 is still the magic number.

Catch Up Before Easter

Counting up: Days 5 thru 10  — This past weekend, I tried my hand at even more cooking and baking.  I made my first ever Banana Nut Bread! (Applause please)  However, these are Paleo, again so the texture was a bit different from what I’m used to.  I think I may have undercooked it a little, but overall, better than what I expected considering its the first time I’ve ever made bread.

Voila!  The finished product:


I know I’ve been bad at updating my workout logs, but before I do, my most important news:   Allan arrives tomorrow to spend Easter weekend here with me 🙂

Okay, now on to the workouts from Monday and today:

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Deja Vu (or Counting Up Again, Day 3)

I’ve been here before.

Three years plus later, I am on the verge of another move.  Who knew when I embarked on this that I would live the life of a “nomad”?  I am excited — I’m getting that feeling again, that thankful “We’re finally starting this!” emotion that I had once and then lost for various reasons I can try and recall but would rather not.

Time to make this count up work, after all, this might be shorter than the previous 80 days.