Going Organic

I didn’t actually plan this but I found a nice looking organic beer and the organic steak was the only good thick piece of meat on the grocery. I marinated the meat with olive oil, lemon juice, basil and oregano (my favorite spices). The organic steak was actually pretty good. It was nice and tender despite being a bit overcooked for my standards. This was topped with a puree of sun dried tomatoes, pimiento stuffed olives and some garlic. I finished it off with some left over salad greens and profiteroles hehe.

Balanced diet

As part of my desire to have a more balanced diet, I took out one of the recipes from the Everyday Paleo Cookbook. I was a little hesitant on the combination of flavors with this one but it is actually pretty good. It is basically your regular mince meat, onion, pepper and spices mixture with a side of sweet potato mash and avocado slices.

The potato mash is surprisingly very good, and the avocado slices adds that little extra in both texture and flavour as well.

Bacon wrapped goodness

Socs and I have been trying to follow the paleo way of eating. There are lots of resources on the web that describes this but basically it means eat like a caveman. Lots of meat, fruits, veggies and some nuts. We are following a few paleo foodies such as Jen’s Gone Paleo and Everyday Paleo and this is a modification of one we tried earlier.

Favorite meatball mix (ask your mom… I did, or just use whatever is in your pantry)
Goat’s cheese

The original recipe calls for a thin slice of beef (whatever cut suits your fancy, I just picked one on the local grocers) season and sear one side. Then place it on top of a bed of bacon. This version is mainly to drop in a layer of the meatball mix on top of the bacon.

Then add the vegetables on top (original recipe was zucchini and bell peppers), try out a variety of vegetables but try to remember that we want to roll the entire thing into a meatloaf so don’t go overboard with the layers. Then sprinkle some goat’s cheese on there. My suggestion is to be a bit generous on the cheese. Roll up this bad boy into a nice package and be careful it doesn’t disintegrate on you.

Pop it in a 180 degrees Celcius oven and wait ’till its good to go. For the beef slice, 20 minutes… for the meatball mix I still don’t know as it is still in the oven. I’m thinking 20-30 minutes, I’ll let you know how this one goes.