Getting left behind

Remember this? Well that’s not going to happen, not anytime soon that is. 5 months on and I am not any closer to my goals. In fact I may have fallen behind quite a bit.

To recap, I was quite looking forward to training since the last time I posted that blog entry and had planned to work out quite a lot despite being on holiday in the Philippines. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t listen to my body and injured my left elbow (thanks to a few units of alcohol… don’t ask). It took a while to heal, then I got my right wrist injured (no idea how I hurt it). But that wasn’t all, I had to have a root canal treatment as well which took me out of getting back into training.

Even my coaching has taken a back step, despite teaching two Level 1 classes and helping out a few folks with some skill work. Everyone seems to be getting on well in the gym, and I am envious of all the progress everyone has made in my absence. I have a long ways to go.

I have one more dental appointment, so I’m glad that will be out of the way soon. My wrist is still not 100% but good enough to train. I have also signed up at a ‘proper’ gym in Warwick (I am in Warwick on weekdays for business) which allows me to train my olympic lifting and hopefully get myself back on track. I have also booked into a 2 day weightlifting course in CrossFit SE11 in August. I have also talked to one of the coaches in terms of helping out in teaching more Level 1 classes.

So its strength/olympic lifting on weekdays in Warwick, coaching duties on weekends and maybe sneak in a Level 2/3 CrossFit class/hand balancing/ropes class as well. All of this is going to eat into my knitting time…. oh, did I mention I started knitting?