Sucked balls

5 rounds (40 min cut off)
10 power cleans (115 lbs, 85 lbs)
15 burpees
20 kb swings (24kgs, 16kgs)
25 wall balls (20lbs, 14lbs)
3 minute rest

We joined a former colleague of ours in one of the local boxes here in Manila for a class and with excellent timing it was a horrible WOD scheduled for the day. Socs and I opted to go a bit lighter on the power cleans (135lbs, 95lbs) Rx but kept everything else Rx. Somehow I just hated the wall balls and was struggling with them. I’m not sure if it was jetlag, the humidity, doing Karen last week or the lopsided ball they had (I blamed it on that haha). I ended up doing singles and doubles finishing probably worse in the class with only 3 rounds and 14 wall balls, Socs only a few reps shy of 5 rounds.

Looking forward to get a few more workouts here before heading back to London.

Strength Saturday

It was a different session for me this Saturday as I booked for a dedicated strength session instead of the normal CrossFit WOD class. It was a good chance to just do lifting and it felt good to do some bench pressing, which I haven’t done in ages.

Upper body push
3×5 Bench Press 60kgs (with 5 ‘feet raised’ ring rows between each set)

Assistance movements for upper body:
Pendlay row (2 second pause at the top)
Single kettlebell strict press (each arms)

Lower body
3×5 Deadlift 90kgs (with stiff legged “box” jumps between each set)

Assistance movements for lower body
5 rounds
20 kettlebell swings (Russian style) 28kgs
1x each of the TTB complexes (TTB-left knee to right elbow-TTB-right knee to left elbow-TTB-left windscreen wiper-TTB-left windscreen wiper)

As this was the first time we did the class, everything is still experimental and some of the rep schemes may not have been followed strictly. I think I might have done more than 3 sets on the deadlift, but I was quite comfortable in 90kgs. At least now I know I can probably do 90kgs on WODs if needed. I think we only managed to do 2 or 3 rounds on the KB/TTB complexes. I had a go at the 32kgs swing and it was ok for a low rep scheme and not an American swing just yet. I’ve downloaded the 5/3/1 strength program ebook and I’ll see how I can incorporate that into the Saturday sessions.

On the right track

5×10 Front Squat @60% 1RM (50kgs) 4/1/2 tempo
20 minutes to find Clean and Jerk 1RM (77.5kgs – PB)

Team of 2
15 minute AMRAP
Person 1 does:
5 KB swings 28kgs
5 KB snatch 20kgs
Person 2 does:
200m run with 15kg slam ball

Switch places after Person 2 finishes run

After a longish holiday break, I was feeling a little sluggish and was anxious to get back to ‘hard’ training. The tempo on the front squat threw me off a bit and I had a bit of a struggle with the tempo. I wasn’t able to completely finish all 10 reps on the last few sets unfortunately.

However I made up for it by putting on a decent performance and getting a massive 77.5kg clean and jerk! I think I could have done 80kgs but I kind of tweaked my shoulder a bit, which I think is because I did not warm them up properly.

The workout was a good eye opener as I have never tried swinging 28kgs or snatched 20kgs on a WOD before. I’ll stick to the 24kgs on the swings for now and move up to the 28’s and hopefully the 32’s soon.

Boracay Body Part 26: This is CrossFit

Warm Up
3 rounds
10 shoulder dislocate
10 OHS
10 shoulder dislocate at bottom of squat

5×5 OHS (maxed at 40kgs)

5 min AMRAP 10 box jumps + 10 KB swings(20kg)
10 min AMPRAP Squat Clean (50kgs) + 3 burpees every minute on the minute
5 min AMRAP 10 Pull ups + 10 Ring dips

I am back to Kat’s class, which I’ve missed for almost a month I think. It is somewhat ironic as I was injured trying get better at double unders which Kat always seem to program in. Fortunately today, no double unders. Unfortunately, a shitload of work. But it was fun and seems to me is what Crossfit is all about. 5 mins of metcon, 10 mins of strength, 5 mins of gymnastics in one nasty session.

I opted for 20kgs on the kettlebell swings and finished 4.5 rounds, I think I can go back to the 24s after this. I may have put in 45kgs on the board, but I remembered setting things up at 50kgs so that I can take out the 2 5kgs just in case things got too heavy. I think that’s what I did. It’s all a blur now. I managed 29 of those. I was pretty gassed on the last 5 minutes and only managed to do 2 rounds and 6 pull ups. The next few days will be DOMStastic.

There Were Some Burps

Clean and Jerk

2-2-2-2-2 Clean and Jerk (60kgs, failed at 70kgs)
Add 10kgs to max C&J and do 2-2-2 High Pulls (80kgs)
3×5 Front Squats (50kgs cleaned from the floor)
Mix in strict pull-ups throughout

7 minute AMRAP
30 seconds max Burpees
30 seconds max KB swings (20kgs)

I was a little concerned that we were doing clean and jerks and front squats on the strength session as this combination was what probably did my back a few weeks ago. Thankfully, I got my groove back and my strength is coming back to me. I felt good on the 60kgs power clean and tried for 70kgs but failed, I think it was more to do with technique so that is promising. I know I can front squat more than 50 kgs but I decided to clean it from the floor and stayed safe on a light weight. Slow progression is fast progress.

I saw the previous class do the WOD and it looked fun and terrible at the same time. I didn’t push hard on the first 2 minutes and managed to pull out at least 10 reps each. On the middle part I could probably manage anywhere between 6-10 reps. I let everything out on the last minute and a half and managed to squeeze a few more reps. I felt a little ashamed that I was using only 20kgs when everyone else on the class was doing 24/25kgs, hopefully I made up with the reps. At least now I am back being comfortable with 20kgs, and maybe move on to the big bells soon.

Good thing I went to Colin’s class last Saturday which prepared me mentally on not stopping too much and just do the work. Andrew’s motivation during the WOD was quite helpful too.

On a side note, they are putting up a wall for wallballs next year. I am dreading that, but I gotta work on my weakness. They’ve also got military webbing for weighted whatever (runs, pull-ups, etc), it is going to be fun!