Winter WOD

There was a bit of snow in London yesterday.  Though its all melted away today, the winter chill remains.  Nothing like a WOD to fight the cold — although I was feeling a little out of it before the workout.  I blame it all on my scarf — anyone else feel a bit choked while wearing scarves?  I always tie ’em up loosely, but somehow they still don’t feel that comfortable.  Five years of experiencing winter means that I don’t always feel like passing out, but I still do every now and then.

All of it went away when the clock hit 1930 though, thankfully, as it was time for the workout.

Overhead Squats 30 kgs
4 min AMRAP —
7 KB snatch right arm (12 kgs)
7 KB snatch left arm (12 kgs)
7 knees to chest


1 minute max burpees

3x (total of 15 mins work)

Snatch 3×3(45 kgs)
Front Squat as many reps as possible (57.5 kgs, 16 reps)

10 min AMRAP
14 KB swings – strictly vertical (24kgs)

My workout was a lot like my last one from Saturday, 7 KB snatches each arm less the pull ups this time so I thought I would get close to my 6+ rounds.  I knew topping that would be tough as there are burpees sandwiched between each 4 minute effort.  As expected, those burpees made everything twice as hard.  I had to focus on hips for the snatch and a bit for the burpees so I could get up properly so that really wore me out.  I’m happy to report though that was used to be knees up are now almost Knees to Chest — progress!  I completed 6 rounds + 9 KB snatches (one more KB than last Saturday) and a 13, 11 and 12 burpees respectively.

Also, about two weeks ago I failed to do one 35kg overhead squat, and today I did 3 sets of 2 reps at 30kgs.  If we had incremental weights I think I would’ve gotten that 35kgs this time.

Allan’s shoulders have been giving him problems for the past 2 days and it nearly stopped him attending tonight’s session.  He’s recovered a bit more though, completing 5 rounds on the WOD…and he seems pretty happy with it considering his condition.

On the right track

5×10 Front Squat @60% 1RM (50kgs) 4/1/2 tempo
20 minutes to find Clean and Jerk 1RM (77.5kgs – PB)

Team of 2
15 minute AMRAP
Person 1 does:
5 KB swings 28kgs
5 KB snatch 20kgs
Person 2 does:
200m run with 15kg slam ball

Switch places after Person 2 finishes run

After a longish holiday break, I was feeling a little sluggish and was anxious to get back to ‘hard’ training. The tempo on the front squat threw me off a bit and I had a bit of a struggle with the tempo. I wasn’t able to completely finish all 10 reps on the last few sets unfortunately.

However I made up for it by putting on a decent performance and getting a massive 77.5kg clean and jerk! I think I could have done 80kgs but I kind of tweaked my shoulder a bit, which I think is because I did not warm them up properly.

The workout was a good eye opener as I have never tried swinging 28kgs or snatched 20kgs on a WOD before. I’ll stick to the 24kgs on the swings for now and move up to the 28’s and hopefully the 32’s soon.

Boracay Body Part 14: Girly Weight

Since some of our workouts take place in different countries on the same day, we’ll be joining a few of our workout entries. And yes, Socs is taking part of the Boracay Body experiment.

Allan’s workout

Run through movements for WOD

Deadlift 4-5 sets warm up, incrementing weight to 1×5 work set (95kgs)
Socialist Pull ups in between sets (in my case 1 set weighted pullups with 24kgs, 2 sets kipping pull up practice)

20 Burpees buy in
DB Thrusters (10kgs dumbells)
Overhead situps (10kgs plate)
20 Burpees cash out

When I saw ‘deadlift’ on the board I wasn’t too happy about it. I feared I was doing too much deadlift recently that it might be detrimental to my progress. But for some reason, the technique just clicked. I kept the form relatively well and I was able to pull 95kgs for 5 reps, new 5RM! Plus I was able to string a few kipping pull-ups together! Awesome!

The WOD was quite good actually, I knew the thrusters were going to suck so I stuck to the girl’s Rx weight of 10kg dumbells instead of the boy’s 15kgs. It was a good decision as the overhead sit-ups also took a bit out of the shoulders. Overhead sit-ups is where you hold a plate over your chest while on your back and do a sit up, ending with the plate over head. I finished 16:15, a minute and change over the 15 minute cut-off.

Socs’ Workout

Warm Up:  5min jump rope, bear crawl, alligator plus two other “animal” moves I don’t know, leg swings, arm swings, bootstrappers and rollovers

Strength:  Deadlift 5×3 (50kgs)

WOD: 10 mins AMRAP

10 box jumps
10 KB snatch (5 per side, 12kg)
3 L pull ups (blue band pull ups)

I haven’t done box jumps in a while, but I’ve not used a kettlebell for a WOD for much longer so I was preparing myself mentally for it.  Jill actually caught me practicing the KB snatch in between one my deadlift sets — I was trying to recall Sally’s instructions on how to do it properly.  I was also trying to figure out if I should follow Sally’s recommendation for me on the snatch.   That is, to go heavy but with less reps.  5 reps per side was not too much, however the RX weight for women was 12.  I figured I’d stick with 12 as I haven’t done it in a while. I just have to make sure I nail each one properly.  I also decided to use the blue bands on the pull ups this time.  I was already modifying it a lot by not doing L sit pull ups, I had to exert maximum effort.  Plus for 3 reps I should be able to do blue.

In the end, the 10 minutes ended up harder than it looked.  My left arm KB snatches were definitely much weaker than my right ones and I even decided to use the left one first.  I figured the less tired I am the better I can concentrate on the weak arm.  The blue bands were tough especially on the last round since I was already tired.  I even gave myself a “No Rep” when I didn’t go above the bar.  How’s that for honesty?

In 10 minutes, I managed 5 rounds + 2 box jumps.

Boracay Body Part 8: Barefoot Bruce

Warm up
Partner workout. Switch exercises if one fails in form, game over on next failure. Last pair standing wins.
Round 1 – Squat + Push up (Team Ben aka James)
Round 2 – KB Swing + Ring Dip (Team Allan aka Lee)
Round 3 – Tuck Jump + Burpee

KB Snatch (Max 24kgs)

3x 3 minute rounds (40 sec rest)
20 Dumbell push press (10kg dumbbells)
10 Ring Dip
20 Squats

I left my shoes at home so I worked out barefoot, well with socks as I didn’t want to put anyone off during the class. It was weird especially with the jumping bits, but I managed to do ok. Lindsay and I even managed to win a round on the warm up! Sally’s seemed to be having problems with names and called me Lee a few times, I think she’s called me that a few times before. I hope that’s because I remind her of Bruce Lee haha.

We went on to the strength session and it was actually nice to see how much I can snatch. I gave the 24kgs a go and felt it was close to my limit. I was able to get the kettlebell up on a few tries but still need more work on form I think. As I remember I need to twist my body more to get the bell in the right position. Will try that out next time.

The WOD was similar to last Saturday so I knew all I had to do was keep going and keep the rest periods short. As usual the push press was getting difficult, I think I may have mental limits on holding something at shoulder level. I should probably jack up the weight a bit to force me into being comfortable in that position. For some reason the ring dips felt a bit easier this time around. Over all a good workout, with a nice push from me at the last 30 seconds 3 reps shy of completing round 6 (I think, wasn’t really counting the reps).

Boracay Body Part 5: Disappointed

Warm up
Crossfit London UK Yoga session

Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2 (max at 110kg on last 2 sets)
In between sets
2x weighted pull-ups
3-4x KB snatch (left/right)

KB Snatch right arm (16kgs)
KB Snatch left arm
Push ups

I was pretty chuffed at seeing the deadlift part of the strength session as I recently was looking at my numbers and figured out why I wasn’t improving. I knew I had to pull 110kgs at least 2 reps so that was the target, and luckily I was able to do it on the last 2 sets. I think I might have been able to push it to a new 3RM! In between sets I was testing out the KB snatches as well and decided I will go for 16kgs for the WOD with a 12kg kettlebell on the side just in case. Continue reading