13.5 not fun. Even in the Philippines

13.5 Crossfit games open
4 minute AMRAP
15 Thrusters 100#
15 Chest to bar pull ups

This might have been actually worse in the Philippines. It’s scorching hot here, which gives me an excuse to do a Cian (do a workout without a shirt). That probably had no bearing as I only managed to do 49 reps total. I would have preferred to do more than 50, which was my goal. I managed to do 10 then 5 thrusters and broke up the pull ups into 3s I think. Then it was a bit of a pain to pick up the bar and do the thrusters, but a voice inside me reminded me that it’s only 4 minutes which gave me time to do a few more pull ups.

Took me about 45 minutes to recover, and I almost puked a few times but managed to keep things together. It was a fun 5 weeks of the games. Looking forward to more of these types of competition and push myself more. Better yet, I’m looking forward to the piss off next week! That is going to be fun, especially with jetlag..

No no rep

13.4 Crossfit Games Open
7 minutes
Clean and jerk 135#
Toes to bar

When I heard couplet, I was excited. When I heard clean and jerk, I was happy. When I heard toes to bar, I was good to go. This looked like an easy one, or at least more manageable. I was comfortable with clean and jerk, and while it has been a while since I’ve done toes to bar I had that skill in my bag somewhere.

So off I went to my good friends at Crossfit Insurrecto and jammed with them. I went head to head with one of their guys, but kept to my own game plan and worried about myself. I had to do singles as 136lbs gets heavy quickly for me, but decided to get back to the bar quickly. The cycle could have been better I think, but I’m not to worried about it. I lost my rhythm on the toes to bar and could only string 3 at a time.

We also had a bit of a bar malfunction and had to switch bars losing a few seconds towards the end. I ended up with 46 reps which was 14 shy of my goal. Not great but not bad I think. At least I had no ‘no rep’ and kept my head down and did the work. One more to go.

Back for more

Warm Up
I don’t think we needed any, it was pretty warm in the box!

Power Clean (145#, 95#)

20 minute cap
n pull ups
n wall balls
(on the nth minute, do n pullups and n wall balls. game over if you can’t do the prescribed reps within the minute)

Socs and I scheduled another workout in Crossfit Insurrecto and this time we had a skill session prior to the WOD, and fortunately it was my favourite move the power clean! I wasn’t completely happy with my technique though, but still managed to clean 145lbs easy for 3 reps (around 65kgs). We weren’t going for PB 1RMs so I’m happy with that.

I was hoping there won’t be any thrusters on today’s WOD, but then I saw wall balls which is pretty much the same thing. At least a couplet of pull ups and wall balls looked ok enough. We managed to crack on pretty well and I was able to string some pretty good kipping pull ups and the wall balls felt surprisingly easy. Is it because I’m closer now to the equator and the rotation of the Earth helps me in throwing the ball up? I don’t know, what I do know is that I managed to do 9 rounds + 1 wall ball and Socs 8 + 2 wall balls. Thanks to the Insurrecto’s who cheered me on on my last half round!

We’ll try to be back for one more hurrah before we head back to London and Dublin!

Holiday WOD

Warm up
A bunch of movements

7 rounds
8 Burpee box jumps
8 Toes to bar to air squat
6 Burpees

I ‘forced’ Socs into spending an afternoon of our holidays in the closest Crossfit box where we’re staying, and luckily I’ve got an old university buddy who also goes to Crossfit Insurrecto so we where able to join in their fun last Saturday in exchange for a couple of Crossfit London UK and Ronin Crossfit shirts.

I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t have any strength/skill work, but I think the WOD more than made up for it. 7 rounds of hell, and it was almost as hot as hell down here as I was sweating like a pig right around the second round. I’m no longer used to the tropical weather apparently. In the end I managed to finish only 6 rounds in the 20 minute cap… I think it was enforced as I think was the only left. I wasn’t sure if others DNFed or finished way earlier than I did, I really had no idea anymore as I probably lost half my bodyweight in sweat in 20 minutes! Sorry for sweating profusely in your new box haha!

Big thanks to the crew of Crossfit Insurrecto! Hopefully we can drop by for another session before we head back to sunny Dublin and London.