Two magic letters

01 Feb
Warm Up

Hip mobility work

6×3 Power Cleans @70% 1RM (A:52.5kgs, S:30kgs)
Kipping ring dips or 1RM weighted

50 Thrusters (A:42.5kgs, S:25kgs)
40 Hang power cleans
30 Box jumps
20 Ring dips

When I first saw the WOD on the board I wasn’t particularly chuffed about it. The sheer numbers and weight involved was mind-boggling. But then I just reminded myself that the only way to improve was to get down to it and do the work. So I loaded the bar with the Rx weight of 42.5kgs and went for it. It was a suck fest and felt the dumplings we had for lunch trying to make a comeback around the 40th thrusters. But I soldiered on and chipped away straight on to the hang power cleans. Then I realized everyone was miles ahead and were either on the box jumps, or ring dips or finished. I didn’t let that get me down and just kept a decent pace of work, never stopped more than I should on the box jumps and broke down the ring dips into 5s then 3s and 2s. I finished in 15m13s which was surprisingly good! I was happy about that! Socs did better at 12m42s.

02 Feb
Strength Session

3×3 Press
3×3 Squat

Weighted pull ups
Ring dips/dumbell reverse flyes
Barbell roll outs/single leg deadlifts

This time I did not mess up the numbers and was successfully able to press 45kgs for 5 reps on the last set as well as 100kgs for 5 reps on the squat. Happy days. As usual there were all the accessory workouts to get our strength up. Looking forward to getting bigger numbers up soon.

Dos Equis

Warm up
Pull ups
Push ups
Box jumps

3 Strict Shoulder Press every minute on the minute (35kgs)

5 rounds, 2 minutes of:
15 Dumbbell Thrusters (20kg)
10 burpees
Maximum Dumbbell hang power cleans
One minute rest

Score the number of dumbbell cleans.

So I as back on Saturday for a regular class and Colin actually posted the WOD early in the morning so I knew what I was getting into for the 11:30 class. I kept the weight relatively low on the strength session as I didn’t want to be too eager, I think I could have gone with 40kgs or even 45kgs (I think 45kgs was my 5RM before). My ultimate goal is to break that 50kg ceiling, it would be nice to know I can press a sack of rice (I’m Filipino, we think in terms of sacks of rice).

The WOD went well in the beginning as I cranked out 10 hang power cleans, unfortunately I had two big Xs on the next two rounds. I was getting a little disappointed and just told myself that I just had to do the work no matter what. It paid off and I managed to squeeze in 3 and 1 hang power cleans on the last two rounds. Pathetic, but as Colin mentioned, the WOD was a test of your mental toughness rather than anything. It was meant to try and keep working continuously for 2 minutes despite the suck factor of having two of my least favorite moves in the triplet.

Catching Up

I’ve been lazy and didn’t blog about my last two workouts.  I need to do it today, otherwise I’m making it three unblogged workouts and next thing you know, I won’t be blogging at all!  So…here are the last three workouts in order (I hope I remember them right)

Warm Up Sessions for all three:
Mix of runs, wall squats, back extensions, dislocates and leg swings


Skill:  Power Cleans
WOD:  5 rounds of —
Max Push Ups (10 reps min)
Max Pull Ups (4 reps min, blue band)
200m sprint
“Finisher”: 1500m row (per team)


Skill: Handstand holds
Strength:  Squat Clean (30 kg)
WOD: 7 minutes AMRAP —
7 hang power cleans (15 kg)
10m handstand walk

S-WOD (Strength WOD)
Deadlift 3,3,3,3 (55kg)
Strict Press 3,3,3,3,3 (25kg x 3, 27.5kg, 30 kg)

It really is different if you don’t blog everyday, I feel compelled to write down everything I thought pre, during and post workouts…but I won’t.  Otherwise, even Allan would get bored reading it.  I will instead list down the major thoughts I had for these workouts: Continue reading

Hello September

September has always been my favorite month for many reasons.  One of them is purely because it sounds so classy…”September”.  Has a nice ring to it.  October, November and December all just sound a little, well, masculine.  But that’s just me.  So how do we usher in this lovely-named month this year?  Well, we join in on a WOD that re-introduces the pull-up.  Up until I did the first 5 reps of the pull-ups, I remembered its been a while since I’ve done them.

Deadlift, Hang Power Clean, Push Press

Warm Up

5,5,5,5,5+ (100kg, 50kg)

“5 x 40”
5 Rounds of —
5 Deadlifts (40kg / 25kg)
5 Hang Power Cleans (40kg / 25kg)
5 Push Press (40kg / 25kg)
10 Pull Ups
15 Box Jumps

We started with a review of what would be the main combination for the WOD — deadlift, hang power clean and push press — to ensure we had good form.  Then it was on to Deadlifts, 4 sets of 5 and one last set of 5 with the heaviest we could do.  I may have increased the weight too late and ended up doing one rep of 50 at the end.

For the WOD I had decided to use the blue band, thinking it would give me enough boost. 5 reps in and I realize what I had mentioned earlier along with the fact that I won’t survive 5 rounds if I don’t add another band.  I added a light-colored band starting on my 2nd rep to make sure Allan wouldn’t have to wheel me home afterwards.  After three rounds though, my arms felt like they’ve gotten bigger and have started getting sore, but I couldn’t add any more bands, so I had to push on.  I still have problems getting those elbows up when in the rack position, so I had to consciously push them up everytime.  I’m happy with my box jumps though, as long as I keep a good rhythm going there’s not much struggle there.

I finished my 5 rounds in about 15:02 while Allan did 4 rounds + 5 push press.  He had to do pull-ups without the bands…ouch.