Short but not Sweet

Warm Up
800m run

Find 5RM handstand push ups
5×1 Snatch (3 position)

20 Front Squats 60kg (70% 1RM)
800m run

We started off with an 800m run to show us the route for the WOD later. It was then on to handstand push ups and I was glad to have been able to do 4 reps on deficit HSPU (hands on 10kg plates, head touches floor). It was difficult as I’ve already done my previous 5RM on the normal HSPUs, the 3rd one was already sticky but I still managed to do one more before failing on the fifth.

I wanted to go higher on the snatches but I was sharing with two more folks and I didn’t want the trouble of switching plates often so just concentrated on technique. I felt that I had the technique dialed in after a few sets so hopefully I can finally get that 60kg theoretical 1RM soon.

The WOD was straightforward, 20 heavy front squats and an 800m run. I managed to do split the front squats to 10-5-5 then off I went out into the cold and foggy East London streets. I started out well enough but had to stop to tie my shoes, which just gave me the excuse to stop a few more times right up until the last 200m where I forced myself to just keep going. I wanted to do the whole 800m unbroken (read: without stopping), no excuses this time.

I am Paleo. I don’t eat sandwiches

Squat session
Boston Test of KB swings + goblet squats (starting at 6 reps each movement, do prescribed reps on the minute. add 1 rep each movement every minute)
Handstand drills
400m run

400m run
30 push ups
400m run
20 ring dips
400m run
10 handstand push ups
400m run

Post WOD
Pigeon-Ninja stretch
Accumulate 50 toes to bar

I was a bit early, and apprehensive, coming back to the gym after holidays but the weather was nice and I had nothing better to do. When Sally mentioned a sandwich of 400m runs, I figured a run at the start and end won’t be too bad. Then I realized it meant a sandwich of runs in between the push ups, dips and handstand push ups! That’s a Big Mac!

But I carried on making sure all the movements were strict and full range. I was lagging on the first run but managed a good pace in the middle runs. I was able to string the ring dips nicely but took my sweet time on the hand stand push ups. By the end I could only do negatives, and should have probably kept on banging out negatives or kipping it instead of trying to recover to bring out a decent time. I think I did ok considering.

I was sporting my Crossfit Insurrecto shirt, unfortunately did not have time to take a picture to share with the folks back home. Next time guys! Send me one of the new shirts, they look awesome! Add a Philippine flag in there to represent haha!

Boracay Body Part 19: Limits

Hip and shoulder

Games WOD 3
18 minute AMRAP
15 Box Jump 24″
12 Shoulder to Overhead 52.5kgs
9 Toes to bar

When I found out what the WOD was today my initial thought was that it looked easy enough. But then as I kept thinking about it, the shoulder to overhead (press, push press, push jerk or split jerk) with 50kgs was going to be the deciding factor. I knew it was going to be heavy by my standards and I wasn’t sure how many rounds I could do. Before we set off I reckon I could do 4 and would be happy to exceed that.

Unfortunately I managed to do 2 reps shy of 4 rounds. It was mainly due to my hands getting slippery at that point and I didn’t have time (or didn’t make time) to chalk my hands. I bit disappointed, but I should still be proud of doing quite well on the shoulder to overhead considering the weight. I will keep this as a reminder that I can still push my limits a bit further and improve.

Always Right Side Up

There was (additional) challenge for me today…I had to try and get upside down again.  My recent attempts with this made me feel (and look) silly.  I remember doing cartwheels as a kid, but I never did any flips or handstands — I was always afraid of falling flat on my back.

Warm Up:
5 mins skip rope and 2 rounds of 10 walking lunges (each leg), 5 push ups, 10 back extensions, 10 arm circles (front and back)

4 rounds of —
5 Handstand Push Ups (modified version using a box)
10 KB swings (16kgs)
20 Double Unders / 60 singles

Followed by: 30 burpees

“Skin the Cat”

Jody said I was “being a wuss” and I have to agree.  Most of the people at the box were comfortable getting upside down, but for some reason, I wasn’t.  There was something about being upside down that gets to me — I think I have a mental photo of myself crashing down on my head and breaking my neck in the process.  I did try though, and was taking baby steps.  First, I had to be comfortable with the idea of my hands supporting my body weight.  I would add in “then it would be off to kicking off from the floor until you’re inverted”…but I couldn’t really get myself to invert.  Liv was nice enough to help me twice, just so I could get a feel for it.  But I couldn’t do more than two today.  It was partly embarrassment and partly shame (for being a wuss) so I didn’t want to draw too much attention to the fact that I couldnt do it properly.

Anyway, I managed to finish the WOD in 12:50, scaling the handstand push up definitely helped make that faster.

As for “Skin the Cat”, well, I can’t really do toes to bar, so that automatically means I won’t get my feet high enough for me to flip over on the rings.  The only flip I did was, again, assisted.  Did feel a bit dizzy afterwards though — I’m really not an “inverted move” type of person am I?

Just can’t get enough

Warm up
3 rounds
30 secs each leg Samson Stretch
10 dislocates
10 jumping squats
10 sit-ups
3 pull-ups

Handstand push ups

Modified JT
15 minute cap
40 double unders buy in
Handstand push ups
Ring dips
Hand release push ups
40 double unders buy out

I got the inspiration for the title of this blog from the workout music that was playing around the 2nd or 3rd round of handstand push-ups, ring dips and hand release push-ups. Needless to say, it was all about pushing your own body for today’s workout. Continue reading