Burpees got in the way

3×10 Front Squat (50kgs, 40kgs)
1RM Snatch (62.5kgs, 30kgs)

15 minute cap
10 rounds
100m run
10 Deadlift 85kgs, 55kgs
10 Push up

You got that right… 62.5kgs snatch! PB! But I’m getting ahead of myself. We first did 3×10 Front squats and I was initially thinking of doing 60kgs or maybe even 70kgs. However I wasn’t feeling it, and decided to stay safe and stuck with 50kgs. It wasn’t difficult, but it wasn’t easy either.

It was off to some snatch drills then on to trying for a 1RM. I started off doing 40kgs to warm up, and a few more on the 50kgs. No more faffing about and I went straight to 60kgs. I failed on the first attempt, but nailed it on the second! It was a bit of a surprise too! Nobody was looking and I just let out a scream and started dancing around the gym. Goal done, and with the push from Chris I decided to give 62.5kgs a try. It came up on the second attempt as well, I think. I tried for 65kgs but failed on all attempts, close though. So that will be my new target.

The WOD was horrible with the heavy (for us) deadlifts. Socs managed only 7 rounds plus a run while I finished 6 rounds plus a run. The deadlifts got me bad as I had to do them standing over a 10kg plate. I ended up doing singles on the last round with my back tightening up a bit.

One kg more

Warm up
Star run

Front Squat A:75kgs (5 reps), S:40kgs (5 reps)

4 rounds
2:30m AMRAP
7 Ring Push ups
14 Goblet Squat (25kg, 16kg)
30s rest


I’m not counting pennies or anything, but the Rx weight was 24kgs for men and 16kgs for the ladies. I grabbed the 25kg as it was that or the 28kg! The WOD was worse than I imagined and the goblet squats really took it’s toll, I could feel my lower back tighten up and it was difficult to hold the kettlebell in the front squat position. I was aiming for 8 rounds but only managed 7 rounds and 2 squats while Socs did 6 rounds and 7 goblet squats. Not sure if I could have squeezed in a few more reps here or, well you always could in hindsight but this one was painfully pleasant.

So that’s day 2 of our planned 4 consecutive days of working out. Let’s see how we come out on the other side.

Not yet strong enough

Warm Up
Level 2 (Socs)
Negative ring dips, banded pull ups

Level 3 (Allan)
WOD movements see below

Turkish get up practice 16kgs KB
6×5 Push press @ 40kgs

5 rounds
5 Power cleans (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)
10 Front Squat
5 Push Jerk
20 Pull ups (10 for Socs)
90 second rest

When I saw that we were scheduled to do a hero WOD called Hammer, I wasn’t sure what weight I would be doing. I can do 60kgs (Rx weight) power cleans for 5 reps sure. I can do 10 front squats as well. 5 push jerks are also possible I believe. Even at 5 rounds I could probably do it. But not all 3 in one round, 5 times. It’s not called a hero WOD for nothing.

I figured, correctly, that 50kgs would be the Goldilocks zone and it was apparent on the strength session that I am in still need of a strength boost. As Tom pointed out, my technique/mechanics are good but I can still improve on my strength. It just hammered in (pun intended) my current mindset of getting the weight on and concentrate on that. I just need to remind myself every time I step in to the gym.

Although I do need to sort out my sore shoulders and arms in order to maximize my training effort. Might just book myself a massage this weekend.

The WOD was as nasty as I imagined. Most of us in the class agreed that the combination of movements lead to us struggling on the push jerks. With a time cap of 25 minutes, I managed to do 4 rounds + 2 push jerk (I was ready to die then) while Socs finished 5 rounds in 21m24s.

Short but not Sweet

Warm Up
800m run

Find 5RM handstand push ups
5×1 Snatch (3 position)

20 Front Squats 60kg (70% 1RM)
800m run

We started off with an 800m run to show us the route for the WOD later. It was then on to handstand push ups and I was glad to have been able to do 4 reps on deficit HSPU (hands on 10kg plates, head touches floor). It was difficult as I’ve already done my previous 5RM on the normal HSPUs, the 3rd one was already sticky but I still managed to do one more before failing on the fifth.

I wanted to go higher on the snatches but I was sharing with two more folks and I didn’t want the trouble of switching plates often so just concentrated on technique. I felt that I had the technique dialed in after a few sets so hopefully I can finally get that 60kg theoretical 1RM soon.

The WOD was straightforward, 20 heavy front squats and an 800m run. I managed to do split the front squats to 10-5-5 then off I went out into the cold and foggy East London streets. I started out well enough but had to stop to tie my shoes, which just gave me the excuse to stop a few more times right up until the last 200m where I forced myself to just keep going. I wanted to do the whole 800m unbroken (read: without stopping), no excuses this time.

In memory of…

Warm up
Star run

Snatch 6×4 (65% 1RM) 40kgs
Front Squat AMAP 85% 1RM (70kgs)

Cpl David O’Connor
12 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (60 kgs)
2-24 Ring dips (starting at 2 ring dips, add 2 reps on each round)

It was time for snatches yet again, but this time it was for volume so I decided to see what the heaviest I could do without sacrificing form. It looked like I could start doing 40kgs for such efforts and probably increase it a bit more as I’m getting the hang of it. I was mostly power snatching closte to 40kgs instead a full squat snatch so I reckon I could do 60kgs on a full squat snatch. That means I could theoretically now do the 2nd part of the Crossfit Games Open Snatch Ladder WOD! Well one rep, but I’ll take it! Looking forward to giving it a go.

Next up on strength was front squats and based on the math, I am now up to a new 1RM of 85kgs based on last night’s effort. That’s 5 kgs up my current PB. Hopefully this can translate to thrusters and cleans.

The WOD was a tribute to someone Tom knew while he was with the Royal Marines Commandos. I decided to keep the weight down to 60kgs instead of 80kgs Rx, which might have been a bad decision as I’ve always wanted to improve my deadlift. But 12 rounds was a lot so I kept the intensity up and pushed to do all 10 deadlifts in one go. I only managed to drop it once or twice, with the others all out or resting at the top. I managed to do 4 ring dips on round 8 I think.