Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

Warm up
Star run
Walking OH lunges (forward and back)

Push Jerk 5×3 (50kgs)
Power Snatch 5×5 (40kgs)

Thrusters (40kgs)
Pull ups

Right, Fran… but before that we had some push jerks and snatches to go through. 50kgs on the jerk felt surprisingly easy, which was the recommended weight. I could have probably gone a bit higher but figured 50kgs was a good number to start off with. The snatches were a bit different though as I couldn’t dial in the technique this time around, did ok but not spectacular.

Then we had a few minutes fluffing about before Fran. The infamous Fran. It’s been a while since I did it and I think I sucked. This time I think I did a better job. I believe I managed to do it in around 10-11minutes, I was in pain for a minute after finishing it so couldn’t really look at the clock. I think I might be able to do it Rx next time around and looking forward to it. Huge thanks to Tom and the rest of the gang for cheering me on to get on the bar. It was uncomfortable but I’m starting to see again where I can push and where I’m just being a wuss.

Boracay Body Part 25: I could blame Alex

Warm up
Squat technique

Hand stand practice

1 minute AMRAP handstand push up + 400m row
40 second AMRAP handstand push up + 400m row
20 second AMRAP handstand push up + 400m row

Mini Fran
KB thruster 16kg
Pull up (strict-ish)

50 Situps
50 Knees to elbows

After a quick round of air squats and wall squats, we proceeded to do some handstand practice and progressions for hand-stand push ups. It was nice to play around with kicking up to a handstand and see how much effort I actually need to get fully inverted and work on the proper body positioning once you are there. We then proceeded to work on our handstands and it was nice to see that I can get quite close to the ground, hopefully I can get full depth handstands soon.

For the first WOD I decided to do handstands with 1 Abmat and it was just about right and was able to bang out a few decent ones. I also had to substitute rowing for the run as I’m keeping an eye out for my ankle.

The next WOD was a mini Fran, and while the board said we could blame Alex (one of the members), I was just keen to get on with it. I was up for a good beating. I ended up using 16kg kettlebells which I think was harder than dumbbells (we ran out of 15kgs), if there was a time cap I would have probably done 20kgs just for the sake of it. Like I said, I was up for a good beating. A bit disappointed at myself that I would stop a bit more than I would like, but I think I did ok.

we then finished it all off with a nice ‘ab workout’ with shit loads of sit-ups and knees to elbow. I wasn’t on top of my knees to elbows that night and just did some sort of knees to anywhere and only managed to do 30 odd of those things before Sally called time. Looking forward to a few more of these sessions!

Ending The Day Right

Like most normal working class people, Monday is my least favorite day of the week.  Today started out okay enough, and then went downhill.  By afternoon I was starting to get the nagging question of “Should I workout today?”.  I told myself that it would likely remove the haziness carried over from the weekend and that I always felt good afterwards.  So to the gym I went and I was not disappointed.

Strength:  5×5 Front Squats (30kgs)

WOD:  “Fran”
Thrusters (15kg)
Pull Ups (green bands)

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Boracay Body Part 6: Fran and then some

Warm up
Wet run to the star (400m?)

Squat Snatch 2-2-2-2-2- (30kgs)
Perform 25 Knees to elbows and 25 GHD back extensions throughout

Fran (10 minute cap)
Thruster (40kgs)
Pull ups

3 minute rest

Double Unders
Box jump
KB Swings (24kgs)

I was having a bad day at work so I was sort of looking forward to banging some weights and taking names tonight, but when Kat said we were doing 2 WODs I was a little scared. Then I saw it was Fran, I didn’t care about the second WOD I knew Fran was going to suck. I tried it out two years ago but wussed out.

I decided to go for 40kgs on this (Rx was 42.5kgs) and took it easy on the pull ups making sure I didn’t tear my hands again. Thrusters suck as usual, I definitely need to work on them. I think I hit the 10 minute cap after doing 8 of the 15 pull ups. It was then off to WOD 2 after 3 minutes rest. I was hoping my double unders would improve but no dice there, was able to string only 2-3 at a time at most. And I lost time on box jumps, I’m just not efficient enough in getting up and down the box. I think I did ok on the 24kgs kettlebell swings though, stringing 10 a little higher than eye level with good form. I can say I’m not afraid of them anymore, thanks to Kat for forcing them on me (although this time I took the initiative and went for them on my own).

Mixed feelings on the workout though. I felt a little disappointed in how I did, I only got to 27 of the 30 box jumps. Makes me want to go back and do it all over again, which I guess is a good thing.

The Prodigal Daughter

It seems since as though the beginning of the year marked my inactivity — missing workouts, missing blog posts.  In reality, my life has been unbelievably, crazy  busy and stressful.  I’ve a new project and new challenges that can be exciting but mostly frustrating and incredibly stressful.  Wow, thats the same adjective in two consecutive sentences…

Today though I knew I had to make time to get some workout done.  It just simply is unacceptable not to get some exercise done, not when I’m looking to lose fat. Allan is on his “Boracay Body” thread already whereas I’m working on adding wrinkles to my forehead.

My decision to start again today coincided with the first day of Ronin Crossfit’s “Live the Code” challenge.  I know that the first few weeks will be hard with my schedule and all, but if I don’t try then all my previous hard work will just go to waste.  So sign up I did.

To gauge improvement, we were doing Fran to begin the challenge and ending it with Fran to compare.

Warm Up:  Skip rope, bootstrappers

Thrusters (15kg)
Pull Ups (green band)

I tried out the 15kg bar to warm up and try out the thruster.  To my disappointment, I found the 15kg heavy.  I was hoping to do Fran at 20kg but there was no point in going too heavy and end up killing myself (beyond the acceptable level).  Besides, I haven’t done any decent workout for 23 days, I can’t pretend I’m as strong as I used to be.  It was also straight to the green band for me, as I had moved back to green even before Christmas.

I finished Fran at 6:49.  Allan seems to think the time is okay.  I just keep thinking that with all the scaling going on, it was just as well that I had a decent time.

Day 1 done, an entire lifetime to go.