The mind of a Crossfitter

5×5 Deadlift as heavy as possible 100kg
3×3 Jerk 60kg

7 rounds
7 KB front squats (2x24kgs)
100m Farmers walk

Still a bit down from the 13.2 revelation, but work has to get done. I stayed a little on the safe side of 100kgs on the deadlift when I think I could have pushed to 110kg if needed but my back is still a bit funny. 100kgs felt ok though, so that is encouraging.

I recently bought a pair of Reebok Crossfit Oly shoes and tried them out for the Jerk session. It felt different on the clean as I feel like my feet are glued to the ground. Not sure if that is good or bad so I’ll keep an eye out for that one, maybe I need to concentrate on the landing and triple extension. The split jerk felt great however, very solid on the landing especially the front foot.

The WOD looked easy but the farmer’s walk took it’s toll on me. Physically it wasn’t that demanding, but the pressure on your grip then shoulders start to eat at you and you end up dropping the bells. I knew I was stopping more than I should. I don’t know why I wasn’t pushing more or resting less. It was more evident during the front squats. While I was able to do unbroken front squats (except for 1 round), Socs mentioned I was resting too much. I probably was, I might need to take a video of myself working out the next few weeks so I can dissect what needs improvement. An objective critical view should do me good, I hope.

I’ve been out mentally the past few days, too much going on in life I guess. Huge thanks to the guys who cheered me on, makes a hell of a lot of difference when that inner voice tells you it’s too hard and you’re too tired.


Shopping Training

Warm Up
200m run

10 x 3 Deadlift 60% 1RM (A:75kgs, S:50kgs)

5 rounds
15 Burpees
200m Farmers walk (2x20kg/15kg)

It’s been a while since I was in a session with deadlifts (other than the strength sessions) so it was nice to get some done today. I opted to go a bit heavier than 60% so I can get used to the weight and I was bang on. I could have gone a bit heavier maybe, but this one was alright. The WOD looked simple but I’ve learned my lesson and not get over confident.
I hate 5 rounds of anything. For some reason 5 rounds just sucks. 15 burpees were alright, so I figured the farmer’s walk would suck more. I was right. Grip was a huge limiting factor in that workout, but Andrew reminded us that it is just like going shopping. Unfortunately, Socs and I don’t do a lot of shopping and certainly not 30/40kgs worth of goods. I don’t think paper bags can handle that much weight. I finished just below the 22minute cap with 21m55s while Socs finished 23m15s. Day 3 done!