13.2 and further reflections

13.2 Games Open WOD
5 Shoulder to Overhead 52kgs/35kgs
10 Deadlift 52kgs/35kgs
15 Box jump

After party strength session
5×10 Back squat 50kgs

When I saw the WOD, I wasn’t sure what to think. Sure the 52kgs are a bit heavy for shoulder to overhead, but quite light on the deadlift. I figured if I didn’t stop, I could get a decent score. I was wrong. My back felt a bit funny after the previous Tuesday’s heavy deficit deadlifts, so that was one reason for my distasteful performance of 5 rounds and 2 shoulder to overhead. While I dropped the bar a few times, and did step downs on the box jump rather than rebounding I felt there wasn’t much left to squeeze out of me. I am now a solid 3 spots from the bottom of the team. I thought I could do better than that. Scratch that, I thought I was better than that.

It got me thinking as to what was lacking. I’ve got decent technique, strength needs a bit of improvement I guess, and so would my conditioning. But how do I improve them? Doesn’t seem like my 3 days a week isn’t enough. I’ve always thought that I’ve not met my full potential yet. And it seems that I’m way off of that. The final question is which path do I take?

13.3 will be released in a little over 24 hours. I will be able to attempt that with the folks here in London but I will be heading back to the Motherland for 3 weeks for business and I am quite apprehensive about that. I tend to lose whatever gains I’ve made every time I travel, and at my current state, I fear I might be going backwards rather than forwards.

This week’s going to be fun

Warm up
Hip mobility

10 x 3 Power Clean @ 60% 1RM (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)

5 rounds
24 Sit ups
12 Box jumps
6 Sumo deadlift high pull (42.5kgs, 30kgs) Rx level 3

Socs and I signed up for today’s Level 2 class as we decided to try the 4 day a week training schedule. And given that we’ll be heading back to the motherland this weekend that means 4 consecutive days of working out. Fun.

We decided to alternate L2 and L3 classes to ease our way into this, but at the back of my mind I always thought we’d get close to L3 Rx weights anyway (so there you go Kat, you didn’t really force me…this time around).

Never liked SDHPs for some reason, but loved the programmed WOD. The numbers felt right so you just got your head down and did the work. I might have lost a bit of time on the sit ups as I was slipping on the mats a bit, and I might have over counted one round by 4 sit ups. I also split the SDHP on the middle rounds, which was stupid as I could easily do them unbroken. Like I said, I really don’t like them. Socs managed well despite losing time on the sit ups. She finished 11m15s, I finished 10m49s

Two magic letters

01 Feb
Warm Up

Hip mobility work

6×3 Power Cleans @70% 1RM (A:52.5kgs, S:30kgs)
Kipping ring dips or 1RM weighted

50 Thrusters (A:42.5kgs, S:25kgs)
40 Hang power cleans
30 Box jumps
20 Ring dips

When I first saw the WOD on the board I wasn’t particularly chuffed about it. The sheer numbers and weight involved was mind-boggling. But then I just reminded myself that the only way to improve was to get down to it and do the work. So I loaded the bar with the Rx weight of 42.5kgs and went for it. It was a suck fest and felt the dumplings we had for lunch trying to make a comeback around the 40th thrusters. But I soldiered on and chipped away straight on to the hang power cleans. Then I realized everyone was miles ahead and were either on the box jumps, or ring dips or finished. I didn’t let that get me down and just kept a decent pace of work, never stopped more than I should on the box jumps and broke down the ring dips into 5s then 3s and 2s. I finished in 15m13s which was surprisingly good! I was happy about that! Socs did better at 12m42s.

02 Feb
Strength Session

3×3 Press
3×3 Squat

Weighted pull ups
Ring dips/dumbell reverse flyes
Barbell roll outs/single leg deadlifts

This time I did not mess up the numbers and was successfully able to press 45kgs for 5 reps on the last set as well as 100kgs for 5 reps on the squat. Happy days. As usual there were all the accessory workouts to get our strength up. Looking forward to getting bigger numbers up soon.


Strength 1
7 rounds
1 min HSPU (for quality)
1 min Pull ups (for reps)

Strength 2
5×1 Heavy Snatch 45kgs

10 minutes
7 Push Jerk 40kgs
7 Box jumps

I came in early and I saw loads of work being done. I was scared, but I was able to formulate some sort of game plan for the hour to come. First strength session was just to get used to pushing and pulling my own body weight. Pleasantly surprised to bang out 5/6 hand stand push ups (with 2 abmats on the first round) but tapered off to 2/3 for the rest (even with Nick nicking one of my abmats on the later rounds…. see what I did there?). And pull up work was just that, get some volume training in.

I was looking forward to the snatch session and as I’ve never had the chance to work on heavy snatches I decided to incrementally increase the weight and ended up doing 45kgs. New PB! I think i could have gone a bit heavier and maybe pulled a 50kgs, but I’ll take 45!

I decided to go with Phil’s recommendation of 10kgs off my 1RM strict press. If it got heavy, I would just reset and chip away at the reps. It was only 10 minutes and 7 reps per round anyway. The weight was just about perfect, any heavier and shit would just hit the fan in terms of form and performance. I am still contemplating if I pushed as much as I could as I didn’t feel like dying (or crying) at any point and I was able to do dynamic box jumps to cycle the rounds quicker. I ended up with 7 full rounds with 7 push jerks.


Warm up
Squat sessions
Pre WOD setup

Crossfit Hope
3 rounds (1 minute each exercise, 1 minute rest after each round)
KB Snatch (16kg)
Box Jump
Thrusters (2x 12.5kg DB)
Pull ups

Still out of sync recently, missing out on note 1 but 2 sessions at Crossfit London UK. I made my way to the box and I saw the previous group doing something quite nasty. 3 rounds of something, something bad. Then I saw it on the board, Hope. My world shattered at that point. I wasn’t in the mood for something that was modeled after Fight Gone Bad, I had a bit of a sore back, my nutrition is need of a kickstart… all the excuses started piling up. All I knew was this was going to suck.

After a few rounds of practice on some key technical movements, Sally asked for volunteers of who wanted to go first. My hand flew straight up, surprisingly for a moment I was the only one with my hand up. I didn’t care, I wanted to get it done and over with.

I kept a steady pace and just chipped away at it until the bell rang. I didn’t get a chance to see how things got broken down but ended up with 79-65-57 reps on the 3 rounds. I could have pushed a bit on the last 2 rounds but considering I was stepping off the box and was having grip issues on the pull ups, I felt I gave it a decent shot.