October 2, 2010

Today is our first church wedding anniversary (not to be confused with our ‘actual’ wedding anniversary), and Socs and I celebrated it by going to Crossfit London UK for couple of hours. That looks to be our idea of fun these days.

Andrew decided to set-up a new class schedule wherein you are just free to have a go at improving your strength on anything. So here’s what we did:

Negative pull-ups
Negative ring dips
Deadlift (75kg 1RM)
Kipping technique

Weighted pull-ups
Weighted ring dips
Muscle ups
Deadlift (110kgs 3RM)

Socs wanted to work on her pull-ups and handstands so we tried to get her do her single pull-up. We tried doing kips and see if she can pull one out of the bag but it still eluded her, she is getting pretty close though. She was also able to stay at the upside down position for quite a bit, huge thanks to Kat for providing the right cues in getting inverted. And given that 2 hours is quite a long time, we had time in trying for a new 1RM on the deadlift. A new PR of 75kgs on that one.

I wanted to work on my pull-ups and ring dips, as I feel I am getting a little weak on those movements so I decided to try and do 2-3 reps of weighted pull-ups/ring dips. They did feel quite good even with the added weight (10kgs I think). I was also trying to keep the hollow position during the movements to strengthen my core as well. Feeling pretty good, and envious of Cameron, I decided to give muscle ups a go. I’ve done one muscle up before and I wanted to see if I am still able to do it, and do it properly. I think I was able to do 3 with a good bit of rest in between tries. Muscle ups are definitely fun to do. As for the deadlift, I think I burned myself out before going for the 1RM. But at least I was able to lift my previous 1RM weight three times.

We finished the day with double under practice… and a chorizo burger in Borough market 🙂

Journey of a lifetime

In exactly 2 months Socs and I will embark on a trip almost 2 years in the making. I’ve been dreaming about this trip for a while to say the least, and it is quite surreal to know that in 2 months time Socs and I will be on a plane to see the highest peak on this planet.

Yes, we are off to Everest Base Camp. I’ve spent a lot of time planning and researching about the trek itself; when to go, what to bring, how long it will take, and the risks involved. And we’ve spent the good part of the year slowly stacking up on the clothing and gear we need, and we’ve got a few more items left on the list but we are basically good to go. Most of the administrative requirements have been settled as well. As for the physical training, we are still on it and should push ourselves hard this month and settle back down to prepare ourselves for an adventurous 3 weeks in the Himalayas.

This trip is actually going be our honeymoon and part of our planning process was actually debating on whether we wanted to do this or maybe just use the money to tour Europe or do something closer to where we are. But the end of the day, the allure of Everest looming above our heads and the timing of it all makes this the perfect time for us to embark on this journey. I can’t wait to get on with it.

We’ve turned two!

Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary!  Its been two years!  We celebrated by heading to Kew Gardens to walk around and take photos.  We’ve other trips coming up to make up for a simple celebration and they will be blogged as they happen, for now I’m posting photos just for the sake of (we had one couple shot that turned out quite blurry…oh well).

Allan at Kew Gardens 2011

Allan at Kew Gardens

Socs at Kew Gardens 2011

Socs at Kew Gardens

First Anniversary

Over the weekend, Socs and I celebrated our first year anniversary as husband and wife. We wanted to do something special other than a “regular” dinner out or weekend trip. Socs was able to find a great place on the other side of Ireland that would suit both the occasion and our personalities. Enter Delphi Mountain Resort.

It was a long trip (3 hour train ride and 45 min taxi) but well worth it. The place was situated in between mountains, near rivers and the only fjord in Ireland. Our activities: surfing, hill walking, biking and generally enjoying the Irish countryside.
We went biking a few hours after arriving to explore the place and make full use of our time there. Socs does not know how to ride the bike, but she managed after much encouragement from me.
I was a little disappointed in the surfing since we were given beginner’s foam boards instead of the surfboards we were used to, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I was able to stand up a couple of times and survived the relatively colder waters of the Atlantic (it was a sunny day so it wasn’t Irish cold). The waves were pretty huge and powerful too, and although we were way past where the waves broke the white water still had the strength to push the boards. It was weird wearing shoes (required for safety) during surfing, it actually hindered me for a bit but it was a good learning activity to possibly continue surfing here in Ireland.

We initially wanted to climb the hill near the resort but we were both a little tired and was promised a good day the following day so we decided to explore the area by foot. Following the road we walked for a couple of hours, testing both our gear and taking a bit of pictures.
On the day of our departure, we woke up early and immediately left to climb up the hill. It is definitely different from climbing back home or in Vermont. There are no trails and we had no map or guide. I was a little apprehensive about climbing so we set mini destinations on the hill. We never managed to get to the peak, we were walking diagonally instead of vertically, but we did get to a decent elevation (around 150m) and enjoy the view. And we made it back for breakfast to boot!
A scenic taxi ride later, we were back to reality of the 3 hour ride back to Dublin.