Of Bells and PBs

15mins to find 1RM Squat Clean (A:81kgs PB, S:45kgs)
8×5 Deadlift @ 65% 1RM (A:around 70kgs, S:40kgs)

10 minute AMRAP
5, 10, 15, 20….
Front Squat (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)
Slam Ball (A:15kgs, S:5kgs)

It has been another busy week and it took me another week before I stepped back in the box. I think I did a bit better this time around though. New 1RM squat clean and was able to lift 81kgs, finally was able to ring the PB bell in the process. It was a bit cheeky as I managed to find two 0.5kg plates to put myself 1kg above my previous PB. Socs did pretty well too and had great technique.

Then the WOD, we knew it was going to be difficult but we managed decent numbers. I managed to complete the 15 reps plus 2 slam balls, Socs completed 20 reps plus 2 front squats.

Bells and PBs do not just involve CrossFit though. I just got my Lion Bellworks classic bell and it looks and sounds great, looking forward to my next ride around the area. Also Socs and I have both improved on our climbing with Socs sending a high wall route and a grade 5 route and me doing a 6a at the end of our session.

Mentally out

Warm up
KB snatch and turkish get up techniques

Mini WOD
Between 2 members (one working at a time) complete:
80 KB snatches
40 Turkish get ups

20 Minute AMRAP
5 Pull ups
5 Ring dips
15 Squats

The WOD should have been easy, low rep scheme body weight AMRAP. Even though it was 20 minutes, it should have been a good solid work. For some reason though I wasn’t in it, not even at 3-2-1 GO! I as very early (an hour early) and instead of warming up and getting excited as I always do, I just wanted to just lie down. I initially set my self a low goal of 10 rounds, I managed 13+1 rep which was consistent as I was down to 6/7 halfway through. I could have probably done 14 or 15 if I pushed a bit more.

I guess we all have those days, this was one of them. I was so out of it I was contemplating on skipping class today, worrying if it was the right decision. Then I checked my schedule and found out my class is tomorrow.

Boracay Body Part 28: A long night

7×2 Heavy Deadlift (110kgs)

3x Max Deadhang pullups + 1 minute rest

20 Minute AMRAP
6 Push ups
12 KB swings (24kgs)
18 Goblet Squat (24kgs)
Star run

Post WOD
5 minutes max double unders (50ish)

I was sort of glad it was heavy deadlifts for the strength session yesterday, I felt relatively strong and was able to bang out good reps at 110kgs. I tried for 120kgs (my PB) on the last set but failed to get it past my knees. I was either overthinking things or got burned out or probably it was just one of those days, everyday is not a PB day. I may still need a bit of work to get past 120kgs.

It was then to pull ups which I also need a bit of work. Not just with the strength aspect but also with technique, yes even a simple pull up has technique to it.

Then it was on to the main WOD 20, I grabbed the 24Kg kettlebell as this was the only way I can improve (plus 12 swings isn’t too bad, plus I didn’t want to incur the Wrath of Kat… just kidding). Looked ok at the beginning, until we had to go out for a run. I hate running, I wasn’t in the mood for running so the running held me back. 6 push ups? Easy. 12 KB swings? Not too bad actually. 18 goblet squats? I can dealwith that. Star run? Fuckin’ hell. I had to walk maybe half of the last star run as I was getting pretty bad stitches, I managed to finish 4 rounds in a little over 20 minutes. Still need more improvement.

Then 5 more minutes of double unders. I was able to do a few sets of 5-6 I think. I was just going through the motions as I am still recovering from an ankle injury, which I think is recovering well. So hopefully I can get some more double under practice and get that bloody thing off the list.

Boracay Body Part 26: This is CrossFit

Warm Up
3 rounds
10 shoulder dislocate
10 OHS
10 shoulder dislocate at bottom of squat

5×5 OHS (maxed at 40kgs)

5 min AMRAP 10 box jumps + 10 KB swings(20kg)
10 min AMPRAP Squat Clean (50kgs) + 3 burpees every minute on the minute
5 min AMRAP 10 Pull ups + 10 Ring dips

I am back to Kat’s class, which I’ve missed for almost a month I think. It is somewhat ironic as I was injured trying get better at double unders which Kat always seem to program in. Fortunately today, no double unders. Unfortunately, a shitload of work. But it was fun and seems to me is what Crossfit is all about. 5 mins of metcon, 10 mins of strength, 5 mins of gymnastics in one nasty session.

I opted for 20kgs on the kettlebell swings and finished 4.5 rounds, I think I can go back to the 24s after this. I may have put in 45kgs on the board, but I remembered setting things up at 50kgs so that I can take out the 2 5kgs just in case things got too heavy. I think that’s what I did. It’s all a blur now. I managed 29 of those. I was pretty gassed on the last 5 minutes and only managed to do 2 rounds and 6 pull ups. The next few days will be DOMStastic.


Counting up: Days 11-12 — no activity whatsoever related to the big move.

On other matters, Allan and I decided to drop by another local Crossfit box, Crossfit Dublin City Centre.  As they are only 5 minutes away from where I live and Joel has joined them, we thought it would be fun to get a workout in all together.  We were welcomed with 3 7-minute AMRAP workouts…what a way to start the weekend.


7 minute AMRAP:
2 handstand push ups OR 4 pikes OR 5 press
6 toes 2 bar OR  8 knees 2 elbows OR  8 overhead situps
8 KB swings (24kgs/12 kgs)

5 minute break

7 minute AMRAP
5 deadlifts (80+kgs/40+kgs)
10 burpee box jumps (20″/ 16″)

5 minute break

7 minute AMRAP
5 push press/jerk (40+kgs / 30+ kgs)
5 ring dips
100m run

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