Boracay Body Part 14: Girly Weight

Since some of our workouts take place in different countries on the same day, we’ll be joining a few of our workout entries. And yes, Socs is taking part of the Boracay Body experiment.

Allan’s workout

Run through movements for WOD

Deadlift 4-5 sets warm up, incrementing weight to 1×5 work set (95kgs)
Socialist Pull ups in between sets (in my case 1 set weighted pullups with 24kgs, 2 sets kipping pull up practice)

20 Burpees buy in
DB Thrusters (10kgs dumbells)
Overhead situps (10kgs plate)
20 Burpees cash out

When I saw ‘deadlift’ on the board I wasn’t too happy about it. I feared I was doing too much deadlift recently that it might be detrimental to my progress. But for some reason, the technique just clicked. I kept the form relatively well and I was able to pull 95kgs for 5 reps, new 5RM! Plus I was able to string a few kipping pull-ups together! Awesome!

The WOD was quite good actually, I knew the thrusters were going to suck so I stuck to the girl’s Rx weight of 10kg dumbells instead of the boy’s 15kgs. It was a good decision as the overhead sit-ups also took a bit out of the shoulders. Overhead sit-ups is where you hold a plate over your chest while on your back and do a sit up, ending with the plate over head. I finished 16:15, a minute and change over the 15 minute cut-off.

Socs’ Workout

Warm Up:  5min jump rope, bear crawl, alligator plus two other “animal” moves I don’t know, leg swings, arm swings, bootstrappers and rollovers

Strength:  Deadlift 5×3 (50kgs)

WOD: 10 mins AMRAP

10 box jumps
10 KB snatch (5 per side, 12kg)
3 L pull ups (blue band pull ups)

I haven’t done box jumps in a while, but I’ve not used a kettlebell for a WOD for much longer so I was preparing myself mentally for it.  Jill actually caught me practicing the KB snatch in between one my deadlift sets — I was trying to recall Sally’s instructions on how to do it properly.  I was also trying to figure out if I should follow Sally’s recommendation for me on the snatch.   That is, to go heavy but with less reps.  5 reps per side was not too much, however the RX weight for women was 12.  I figured I’d stick with 12 as I haven’t done it in a while. I just have to make sure I nail each one properly.  I also decided to use the blue bands on the pull ups this time.  I was already modifying it a lot by not doing L sit pull ups, I had to exert maximum effort.  Plus for 3 reps I should be able to do blue.

In the end, the 10 minutes ended up harder than it looked.  My left arm KB snatches were definitely much weaker than my right ones and I even decided to use the left one first.  I figured the less tired I am the better I can concentrate on the weak arm.  The blue bands were tough especially on the last round since I was already tired.  I even gave myself a “No Rep” when I didn’t go above the bar.  How’s that for honesty?

In 10 minutes, I managed 5 rounds + 2 box jumps.

Fight back

400m run

Medicine Ball cleans

2x 400m run

Find 1RM Press (45kgs-4reps, 50kgs no rep)

5 rounds, 3 min AMRAP, 1min rest in between rounds
3 Power Clean (45kgs)
6 Push Ups
9 Squats

The last WOD left me in a bad state. I may have had a mild concussion and took it easy for the past week. I’m still not feeling 100% but after today’s workout I am feeling positive. Continue reading

Last WOD

Deadlift, High Pull, Power Clean technique

Front Squat (Power clean from floor)
2 Warm-up sets, 3 attempts at 5RM (70kgs, 25kgs)

3 Rounds
3 Pull-ups
3 Ring Dips
3 Squats

15 minute AMRAP
3 Pull-ups (Strict)
6 Ring Dips (Hollow)
12 Squats

I think I like this format for working out in the box. First up is we did some review of techniques on the deadlift, high-pull and power clean. I know these might seem boring at times, especially with low weights but I like the fact that my brain gets drilled on doing things properly. It also neurologically sets my body up for when I start lifting heavy (yes Phil, I got that big word from you). All that paid dividends when I cleaned 70kgs and on to 5 front squats. I had no idea what my power clean max was so doing my 5RM front squat weight was the short term goal. I missed it on my first attempt, but a big thanks to Simon for the encouragement and reminder of getting under the bar. I was a little caught off guard at first, but again its all in the technique. I may have tried for a higher weight but I think I was doing a bit more of a squat clean if the weight went any higher. Looking back at my notes, I think this one is a new personal best for a squat clean/power clean. Woohoo!

This was Socs’ last day training with Phillip as he is now moving on to greener pastures, we wish him all the best and will miss his sense of humor. Well at least for Socs, I have to put up with him for two more sessions… just kidding. It was a nice WOD of gymnastic moves, which I haven’t done in a while. The ring dips was my weakness here, and while I tried doing the hollow position ring dips as prescribed I had to revert to using bands after a few rounds. I am keen on improving that hollow position though. I did manage to get in 11 rounds and Socs got 8, I think we are improving on our met-con performance but we definitely have a long way to go.