Something New to Blog About

Well hello blog!  It seems you’ve been neglected. In the past year I’ve been really into my workouts and handling life at home that I’ve rarely blogged anything.  Plus, Allan was constantly blogging about our Crossfit workouts, I wanted to wait until there was something new to blog about.

Now there is.

I have recently announced to the public (via facebook of course) that I’m pregnant.  And three months pregnant at that.  What I didn’t realize prior to getting pregnant was that you’re supposed to be quiet about it until you’re over the first trimester, so I had to restrain myself from announcing it prematurely.  Now that I have, I think I’m free to blog! Be warned though, I’m not enjoying my first trimester + few days so far, so I might end up whining more often.  What, you ask, can someone who is happily pregnant and blooming and carrying another life insider her complain about???? EVERY pregnant woman is happily expecting.

Well, I’m still waiting for that to kick in.

See, what no one told me, was that being pregnant was difficult.  Everyone is aware that giving birth is painful (thanks in part to “One Born Every Minute”) and every parent acknowledges that raising kids, from the first day to the last, is the most difficult (and rewarding) experience ever.   What I didn’t hear, was that pregnancy is not easy.  Sure, we hear about morning sickness aka all-day sickness.  But that’s it.  After that, its all blushing mum-to-be’s, pretty pregnancy clothes, baby bump photos and everyone ooh-ing and aaah-ing over bellies.

Not so much in my case.  And it’s not because of all-day sickness nor is it because of the no-caffeine rule.  The reason is simple….I don’t feel like myself.

Under normal circumstances, any headache or minor illlness I can easily ignore and continue on with what I need to do.  Now however, I can’t shrug off the general unwell feeling, no matter how hard I try.  At work its almost easy, because something else HAS to be done and therefore I have no choice.  The minute I stop work though, I start feeling queasy, light headed, tired, hungry yet not in the mood to eat anything…in short, like someone who is completely unlike me.

I hate to sound ungrateful for the gift of the little one.  I am looking forward to meeting my baby, I really am.  Scared, yes, but generally open to having my own child to take care of after taking care of nephews and nieces.  I also want to point out that I am not completely sick.  In fact, I am lucky to be able to perform almost normally at work  and I haven’t spent time bent over the toilet bowl.  In fact, I’ve not thrown up yet.  I think I’m really just not used to being in control of my body.

So, to try and liven this up a little, the good news is I am pregnant and I have been having a relatively easy time without any complications so far. The fact that I’m struggling is just my spoiled rotten self rearing it’s ugly head at not being in control.  My first trimester scan shows a beautiful baby with a good heartbeat, and my husband is in the same project as I am, which means he travels with me and is there to comfort me when I feel horrible.  And, if it counts as good news, we will also most likely be updating this blog more often with pregnancy, baby and parenting posts.

A new adventure waits for the Vistans, also, a third blog author is busily developing in my ever expanding womb

the little growing Vistan

the little growing Vistan

I want to be like Spealler

In the CrossFit Games, the big name out there is Rich Froning. Everybody likes him, everybody wants to be him. And that’s perfectly understandable with his good looks and chiselled body… I mean, great performances and work ethics.

I’ve never really rooted for anyone in the Games, although I ‘supported’ Graham Holberg as I was privileged enough to work out in his box for a couple of months. I heard of Chris Spealler as of the names in the Games but never really paid attention, until he was mentioned during my L1 certification weekend. What stuck to me was that he is 34 years old, 5’5″ and weigh in at 68kgs, I on the other hand am 2 years younger and 2 inches taller than so his achievements banging with the big boys made quite an impression.

I looked at his numbers and compared them to mine and they are IMPRESSIVE! 129kg Clean and Jerk (vs 85kg), 102kg Snatch (vs 62.5kg), 190.5kg Deadlift (vs 127kg), 172kg Back Squat (vs 122kg). Makes me want to leave the office and head to the gym (or at the very least make a blog entry). Quite inspiring really, us little guys have to stick together you know.


It has been a while since I’ve posted anything. A lot has happened since then and I’ve been doing some thinking.

I have not been mentally dialled in during my CrossFit class and it is showing in my performances with me having slowest times, relatively lower weight, and reduced workout intensity. It’s been a struggle. I don’t know what it is, but things lead me to believe that distractions and personal pressure is contributing to it. I have therefore decided not to post any WOD sessions/times for the meantime and concentrate on some ‘ME’ time. I have also decided to do at least 4 sessions a week and try to add supplementary work if possible.

I think I just need to get the blinders out and keep my head down and worry about what I need to do at that point in time. There are loads of things I need to sort out and I just need to sort them out. Simple as that. I should not be pressure or distracted by anything else. No daydreaming or wishing things to be something they are not, and just make lemonades out of lemons and that sort of shit.

Sucked balls

5 rounds (40 min cut off)
10 power cleans (115 lbs, 85 lbs)
15 burpees
20 kb swings (24kgs, 16kgs)
25 wall balls (20lbs, 14lbs)
3 minute rest

We joined a former colleague of ours in one of the local boxes here in Manila for a class and with excellent timing it was a horrible WOD scheduled for the day. Socs and I opted to go a bit lighter on the power cleans (135lbs, 95lbs) Rx but kept everything else Rx. Somehow I just hated the wall balls and was struggling with them. I’m not sure if it was jetlag, the humidity, doing Karen last week or the lopsided ball they had (I blamed it on that haha). I ended up doing singles and doubles finishing probably worse in the class with only 3 rounds and 14 wall balls, Socs only a few reps shy of 5 rounds.

Looking forward to get a few more workouts here before heading back to London.

WOD first

150 wall balls for time (9kgs/6kgs)

After party strength
6×4 power cleans (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)

Due to a limit of wall space and medicine balls (especially for the ladies) we went straight to the WOD in turns with the partner counting reps. I suggested Socs go first so I was in a better position to cheer her on. She hates wall balls, Karen on particular. I had to ‘no rep’ her a few times but she did ok considering her height disadvantage. She managed 123 reps before the 12 min cut off.

I managed to start of well I think with a good pace, but then my brain caught up with me and I started to over think things instead of just doing the work. I squeezed in at 11m38s. Worst time of the night I believe, but I think this my first time with Karen so I’m glad to have done it to get a baseline. Hoping for some improvements over the next few months!

So that was day 4. Pretty tiring, but I think we can bump up training a bit more now after this. But for now we’re glad to go on holiday for a few weeks.