Something New to Blog About

Well hello blog!  It seems you’ve been neglected. In the past year I’ve been really into my workouts and handling life at home that I’ve rarely blogged anything.  Plus, Allan was constantly blogging about our Crossfit workouts, I wanted to wait until there was something new to blog about.

Now there is.

I have recently announced to the public (via facebook of course) that I’m pregnant.  And three months pregnant at that.  What I didn’t realize prior to getting pregnant was that you’re supposed to be quiet about it until you’re over the first trimester, so I had to restrain myself from announcing it prematurely.  Now that I have, I think I’m free to blog! Be warned though, I’m not enjoying my first trimester + few days so far, so I might end up whining more often.  What, you ask, can someone who is happily pregnant and blooming and carrying another life insider her complain about???? EVERY pregnant woman is happily expecting.

Well, I’m still waiting for that to kick in.

See, what no one told me, was that being pregnant was difficult.  Everyone is aware that giving birth is painful (thanks in part to “One Born Every Minute”) and every parent acknowledges that raising kids, from the first day to the last, is the most difficult (and rewarding) experience ever.   What I didn’t hear, was that pregnancy is not easy.  Sure, we hear about morning sickness aka all-day sickness.  But that’s it.  After that, its all blushing mum-to-be’s, pretty pregnancy clothes, baby bump photos and everyone ooh-ing and aaah-ing over bellies.

Not so much in my case.  And it’s not because of all-day sickness nor is it because of the no-caffeine rule.  The reason is simple….I don’t feel like myself.

Under normal circumstances, any headache or minor illlness I can easily ignore and continue on with what I need to do.  Now however, I can’t shrug off the general unwell feeling, no matter how hard I try.  At work its almost easy, because something else HAS to be done and therefore I have no choice.  The minute I stop work though, I start feeling queasy, light headed, tired, hungry yet not in the mood to eat anything…in short, like someone who is completely unlike me.

I hate to sound ungrateful for the gift of the little one.  I am looking forward to meeting my baby, I really am.  Scared, yes, but generally open to having my own child to take care of after taking care of nephews and nieces.  I also want to point out that I am not completely sick.  In fact, I am lucky to be able to perform almost normally at work  and I haven’t spent time bent over the toilet bowl.  In fact, I’ve not thrown up yet.  I think I’m really just not used to being in control of my body.

So, to try and liven this up a little, the good news is I am pregnant and I have been having a relatively easy time without any complications so far. The fact that I’m struggling is just my spoiled rotten self rearing it’s ugly head at not being in control.  My first trimester scan shows a beautiful baby with a good heartbeat, and my husband is in the same project as I am, which means he travels with me and is there to comfort me when I feel horrible.  And, if it counts as good news, we will also most likely be updating this blog more often with pregnancy, baby and parenting posts.

A new adventure waits for the Vistans, also, a third blog author is busily developing in my ever expanding womb

the little growing Vistan

the little growing Vistan

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