Rambling About in Barcelona

It has been weeks since our weekend in Barcelona and I have yet to post photos of the trip.  We only had a few days, so we had to prioritize.  We knew we had to see Sagrada Familia and whatever else we could squeeze in, we did.

Now I know very little about architecture and have little patience for all the intricacies of how Gaudi finally decided on his designs for Sagrada Familia, yet I was drawn to all of it.  There is no need to an expert in order to appreciate the complexity, enormity and the dedication that has been poured into designing and building the church.  You can see it on the end result and hints of it in what is being built …and you can definitely hear it in the local guide we had during our walking tour.  Allan’s parents were in Barcelona about 10 years ago, and they were amazed by it even without stepping inside.  We were fortunate enough to arrive  now that it is open to visitors.  Maybe it was the solemn music playing, or the ethereal feel of the interiors or  everything that we have heard about it leading up to that moment…but when we stepped inside, we couldn’t help but be overwhelmed.

We didn’t get to see much of the rest of Barcelona, but we did manage to walk around Barri Gotic.  I found the small streets and alleys charming — as I usually do.  I am very partial to narrow streets packed with lots of little shops.  I do hope we will manage to go back…there is plenty more to discover in Barcelona.


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