More snatches

Warm Up
Run around the block

5×10 Press (30kgs, 20kgs)
7×1 Snatch (55kgs, 32.5kgs)

OHS (30kgs, 20kgs)
Push Jerk

After doing loads of snatches previously, we were back again for more overhead stuff which meant our shoulders were in for some beating. Even during the press, my shoulders started to fry up and was not able to finish the 10 reps in one set on the last 2 sets. They are definitely my weakness and I need to work on them more, something to keep in mind on the Saturday strength sessions perhaps.

While my favourite move is the clean, the snatch is fast becoming another favourite. I just love the technicality of it all and the surprise I get when I can get the bar overhead easily despite the weight if everything falls together. Unfortunately I just failed on getting 55kgs overhead this time around, especially when I was able to do at least 2 during the last WOD.

I decided to stick to 30kgs (L2 Rx) on the WOD due to this (L3 weight was 42.5kgs), but I briefly thought about bumping it up to 35kgs. I managed to do the 20 reps of the OHS unbroken which wasn’t too bad actually. However I broke everything else into 5s or less after that I think, especially on the push jerk. I think my shoulders just got pumped and I just couldn’t push through mentally. I finished in around 8m30s and Socs around 7m25s. I think I could have gone faster if I cycled through the push jerks better, but at least I was able to do the first 20 reps unbroken a little reminder next time that I know I can do it.


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