Ran out of pull ups

3×3 Handstand push up
3RM weighted ring dips

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Weighted Jumping squats (20kgs, 15kgs)
2-4-6-8-10-12-14 Strict Pull ups

Handstands, my favourite. Handstand push ups? Sure, why not. I worked on my deficit HSPUs but just barely able get out 3 reps, when I previously had done 5. All ok though, except for the weighted ring dips, where I maxed out at 16kgs when I previously had 28kgs). Have got a bit more to claw back then.

I thought the WOD was going to be horrible especially when Carolyn decided we add a bar behind our backs for the jumping squats. Socs and I started out well enough and the weighted jumping squats didn’t feel too bad, but as promised the pull ups started to add up. Socs managed to finish 11m44s while I ran out of time with the 12 minute cut-off with 4 pull ups to go. I decided from the very beginning to do proper strict pull ups but I ran out on the 2nd to last round and started to kip a bit. I was ok that I didn’t finish so long as I kept the kip to a minimum and with the volume of pull ups I am quite happy that I went this far.


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