Game on

Muscle Up
Kipping Pull up
Toes to bar

3×3 Front Squat (70kgs, 50kgs)

30 Snatches for time (55kgs, 27.5kgs)

Our first WOD back in London after our two week holiday in the Philippines, and as luck would have it it is a benchmark WOD. Isabel too, with snatches being a very technical movement so I was a bit hesitant due to the fact that we were not able to squeeze in the planned gym sessions in Manila. With all the eating and drinking and jet lag that entailed, I wasn’t really sure if I still had it. The skills and strength session was a good indicator though as I still had good technique on the muscle up and the front squats felt light to be honest (my 1RM is at 90kgs).

Andrew wanted us to go as heavy as possible on the WOD (Rx of 61kgs/43kgs) and not just pick a weight and steamroll through the movements. Suited me fine as I decided to go heavy-ish even before I got in the gym. The warm up felt good that I even attempted a 60kg snatch which is my primary goal and has eluded me for a while. Failed my attempt and decided not to do another one as we had loads more to go for the WOD. I decided to do 50kgs which was the ceiling of my heavy-ish weight. 3-2-1 go and I banged out 15 reps with decent form. Then Andrew came up to me and added 2.5kgs more. 6 reps later he added another 2.5kgs. I managed to get out 2 more reps (missed a couple I believe) before the 15 minute time cap expired.

I think the heavier weight actually improved my form better as I surprised myself a couple of times and just caught the bar in the overhead position. At least now I know I can snatch 55kgs in a WOD. That 60kgs 1RM goal is starting to look easy now. Little did I know, Socs also got extra kgs added from 25kgs to 27.5kgs and actually finishing 14m18s. Her kipping practice also looked good as she showed me a few reps after the WOD. It’s good to be back. Good enough that I just signed up for the Crossfit Games which starts next week. Good times!


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