Shopping Training

Warm Up
200m run

10 x 3 Deadlift 60% 1RM (A:75kgs, S:50kgs)

5 rounds
15 Burpees
200m Farmers walk (2x20kg/15kg)

It’s been a while since I was in a session with deadlifts (other than the strength sessions) so it was nice to get some done today. I opted to go a bit heavier than 60% so I can get used to the weight and I was bang on. I could have gone a bit heavier maybe, but this one was alright. The WOD looked simple but I’ve learned my lesson and not get over confident.
I hate 5 rounds of anything. For some reason 5 rounds just sucks. 15 burpees were alright, so I figured the farmer’s walk would suck more. I was right. Grip was a huge limiting factor in that workout, but Andrew reminded us that it is just like going shopping. Unfortunately, Socs and I don’t do a lot of shopping and certainly not 30/40kgs worth of goods. I don’t think paper bags can handle that much weight. I finished just below the 22minute cap with 21m55s while Socs finished 23m15s. Day 3 done!


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