One kg more

Warm up
Star run

Front Squat A:75kgs (5 reps), S:40kgs (5 reps)

4 rounds
2:30m AMRAP
7 Ring Push ups
14 Goblet Squat (25kg, 16kg)
30s rest


I’m not counting pennies or anything, but the Rx weight was 24kgs for men and 16kgs for the ladies. I grabbed the 25kg as it was that or the 28kg! The WOD was worse than I imagined and the goblet squats really took it’s toll, I could feel my lower back tighten up and it was difficult to hold the kettlebell in the front squat position. I was aiming for 8 rounds but only managed 7 rounds and 2 squats while Socs did 6 rounds and 7 goblet squats. Not sure if I could have squeezed in a few more reps here or, well you always could in hindsight but this one was painfully pleasant.

So that’s day 2 of our planned 4 consecutive days of working out. Let’s see how we come out on the other side.


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