All Relative

6×4 Snatch @65% (A:40kg, S:22.5kg)

Handstand practice

10 minute AMRAP
7 Push ups (ring push up for Allan)
7 Power clean (5reps @ 60kg for Allan, 35kg for Socs)

I wasn’t quite sure I was happy to see the volume of the snatches considering my shoulders have had a beating last week. I was able to cleanly snatch the weight for the first 2 reps of each round but started failing on the 3rd or 4th one, there just wasn’t any stability/support on my shoulder muscles. Socs worked on her technique and light bulbs lit up as she starts to see the point of certain cues. Her snatches looked quite clean but just needs work on aggressiveness in my opinion.

It was the same story on handstands for me. I was happy that there was free handstand practice which I definitely need, but again the shoulders weren’t really 100%.

I think everyone agreed that this was a good WOD. Given that I only weight around 68kgs, anything in the region of 60kgs start to become heavy. It is all relative to bodyweight you see, I know I can never compete with the likes of Rich Froning or the firebreathers CrossFit London produces so I try to keep that into consideration when I look the whiteboard.

I’ve already decided to do 60kg power cleans, but Kat dropped a bomb and gave everyone a target of 10 rounds. For each unfinished round, we have to do 1 minute L-sit hang. Everyone had a bit of juggling with targets, weight and rep scheme to suit their levels and I was to target 9 rounds for the 7 ring push ups and 5 power cleans @60kg. Socs had to do the Rx 7/7 scheme and target 10 rounds. Fair enough. Off we go!

I managed to have a good pace all throughout and only had to shake off my arms a couple of times on the push ups and plough on with the heavy power cleans. By the end, both Socs and I had finished 8 rounds + 4 push ups.


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