Strength Saturday

It was a different session for me this Saturday as I booked for a dedicated strength session instead of the normal CrossFit WOD class. It was a good chance to just do lifting and it felt good to do some bench pressing, which I haven’t done in ages.

Upper body push
3×5 Bench Press 60kgs (with 5 ‘feet raised’ ring rows between each set)

Assistance movements for upper body:
Pendlay row (2 second pause at the top)
Single kettlebell strict press (each arms)

Lower body
3×5 Deadlift 90kgs (with stiff legged “box” jumps between each set)

Assistance movements for lower body
5 rounds
20 kettlebell swings (Russian style) 28kgs
1x each of the TTB complexes (TTB-left knee to right elbow-TTB-right knee to left elbow-TTB-left windscreen wiper-TTB-left windscreen wiper)

As this was the first time we did the class, everything is still experimental and some of the rep schemes may not have been followed strictly. I think I might have done more than 3 sets on the deadlift, but I was quite comfortable in 90kgs. At least now I know I can probably do 90kgs on WODs if needed. I think we only managed to do 2 or 3 rounds on the KB/TTB complexes. I had a go at the 32kgs swing and it was ok for a low rep scheme and not an American swing just yet. I’ve downloaded the 5/3/1 strength program ebook and I’ll see how I can incorporate that into the Saturday sessions.


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