80% man

8×3 Push Press (A:50kg, S:30kg)
1RM ring dip 28kg (Allan)
5×5 ring dip (Socs)

5 Rounds
Max Effort DB Man-maker (A:15kg DBs, S:7.5kg DBs) for 2 minutes 30 seconds
30 sec rest

I’ve always considered my shoulder strength as my weakness and I was always hesitant on pressing as I can never strict press anything more than 50kgs. But now that I think about it, if I can do 5 handstand push ups, I could strict press 65kgs (and push press/jerk more than that). Something to think about.

I was surprised I was able perform a ring dip with an extra 28kg weight relatively easily so I went for 32kgs (just below 1/2 my bodyweight). I was able to control it down, but failed to get up to full extension (in fact, I never got out of the hole).

The WOD was great! Quite simple really, try to get 50 man makers (pushup-row-pushup-row-squatclean-thruster combo with dumbbells) within the allocated time format. 2 Strict pull up penalty for each man maker off of the target.

I managed to do 40 which was around my target and Socs was able to do 45. I could have probably squeezed a few more reps as I grinding through the push up/row instead of blasting through it, burning my shoulders in the process. 5 more max if I timed my reps right (I could have pushed a bit more on the last 15 seconds to get 1 more rep in but it would be close and might have gotten a no rep). I was fairly consistent in the reps with 9-8-7-8-8.


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