Good and Bad

Warm Up
Kabadi game

3 60kg Power Cleans every minute for 6 minutes

Lever work

SDHP 35kgs
OHS 35kgs

I just wasn’t in the game this time around. While the strength and skill sessions went ok, I wasn’t particularly happy with my movements on the power cleans. Then it was on to a short-ish WOD. I never really liked sumo deadlift high pulls, I mean if it was hip explosion that we are looking for I feel there are better options such as the KB swing, cleans or snatches (KB or BB). And then there where the overhead squats, which I don’t particularly hate, but I don’t particularly like either. You have to be physically and mentally focused to get that done quickly and safely.

Unfortunately I was neither, lack of proper rest and crap nutrition I attribute it to. I opted to do 35kgs, but I think I could (or should) have gone for maybe 40kgs (Rx was 42.5kgs) and gotten more out of the workout. I did snatch the bar to the overhead position so at least that’s something.

I have made a decision right then and there to join Socs in her Paleo diet. While she is doing absolute strict, I am doing it relatively strict (actually just bringing food to work instead of buying crap from the train station options close to work) to maintain bodyweight which is always a problem for me. Wish us luck.


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