Paris Please

Paris was our first stop on our recent December break.  It was amazing to step on a train and 2+ hours later, emerge in a different country and hear a different language.

The city was surprisingly less busy than I expected it to be and the queues at the tourist attractions seemed quite bearable (although we had pre-bought tickets anyway) which was a good thing.  They did have quite a few renovations happening at the moment at the Eiffel Tower, Saint Chapelle and I think even at Notre  Dame.  I suppose if they had to do them, now would be the best time.

It was my 3rd time in Paris and it was Allan’s first.  I think I was so excited to be there with him this time, that I wanted to show him everything I saw when I was there for 3 months in just a matter of days.  It was too overwhelming, and he may be able to appreciate Paris better when taken in leisurely.  Thankfully, its easy enough to get there, so we may end up in Paris again when the weather’s a bit warmer.

Posting some of my photos below.  Nothing spectacular…but maybe on our next trip(s?) I can do better 🙂  Our snapshot photos (i.e. the ones with all our faces in them) will be posted on our facebook accounts for those who may want to see them.


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