On the right track

5×10 Front Squat @60% 1RM (50kgs) 4/1/2 tempo
20 minutes to find Clean and Jerk 1RM (77.5kgs – PB)

Team of 2
15 minute AMRAP
Person 1 does:
5 KB swings 28kgs
5 KB snatch 20kgs
Person 2 does:
200m run with 15kg slam ball

Switch places after Person 2 finishes run

After a longish holiday break, I was feeling a little sluggish and was anxious to get back to ‘hard’ training. The tempo on the front squat threw me off a bit and I had a bit of a struggle with the tempo. I wasn’t able to completely finish all 10 reps on the last few sets unfortunately.

However I made up for it by putting on a decent performance and getting a massive 77.5kg clean and jerk! I think I could have done 80kgs but I kind of tweaked my shoulder a bit, which I think is because I did not warm them up properly.

The workout was a good eye opener as I have never tried swinging 28kgs or snatched 20kgs on a WOD before. I’ll stick to the 24kgs on the swings for now and move up to the 28’s and hopefully the 32’s soon.


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