2012 Highlights

It has taken me two days to finally blog something related to reviewing the past year that Allan has already posted our workout schedule for the month.  So before any more posts pile up, I just want to pay tribute to 2012.

Here are our highlights (from my point of view at least — Allan may want to add a bit more):

  1. I officially moved to London and Allan and I are finally sharing the same permanent address 3 years after getting married.  Everyone say “Finally!!”
  2. Sharing Manila and Boracay with our Italian friends from Dublin.  Havin
    g them enjoy their stay made me proud of the Philippines…we do have something nice for tourists after all.  Still needs a bit more work, but not bad.
  3. Tons of activities and To Do’s — Allan and I stepped up our workouts even more this year.  For me, I had a good rhythm until I moved to London and had to travel again for work during the week.  It messed up my routine and it messed up my almost-a-pull-up pull up.  Allan has been consistently going though, with the occasional injury making him pause for a few weeks.  We’ve also signed up for an indoor climbing center and managed to do that almost weekly at one point.  We’ve also added bikes to our list of possessions — of course, I am still quite terrified when cycling in the streets (I HAVE to stop when there’s a car coming) so Allan does more of it than I do.  Hopefully that changes…eventually.
  4. Travel!  During the first half of the year, Allan’s travels were mostly to Dublin to see me.  But just as the year ended, we hopped on Eurostar and headed to Paris and then spent Christmas in Naples, Italy with Clemente, Maria, their families and all that wonderful Italian food (and Napolitan Pizza!!!!).   Locally, we’ve been to Bath and have seen the Stonehenge.  Scotland is on the list for this year maybe, and definitely more of Italy and Spain.

At year end, we have pretty much established a good routine at home and things are looking up and looking good.  Thank you, 2012 for being so kind to us.  Now on to 2013!


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