Level 3

Warm up


Hang Snatch 3 reps each set (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)

8 rounds
8 Burpees on slam ball
8 Slam balls (20kgs/15kgs)

Socs is back on Level 3 classes and she is kicking ass. She was able to keep up with the 19:30 boys and racked up a fair amount of time being inverted. As part of a deal with Tom and Andrew, so long as she doesn’t snatch anything less than 30kgs she can join the fun. Easy, did it 3 times as well just for the hell of it too.

So she was given the go ahead and off to the WOD. 15kgs slam ball? Fuck yeah, easy peasy, even finished before the 10 minute cap. There was a penalty of 400m run if you failed to hit the time, which I did maybe I should be the one on Level 2?.

Fucking up the numbers

Strength Session (Allan)
Upper Body
3×5 Bench Press (45.5kgs, 60kgs, 60kgs)

Bench: Rest/pause narrow grip bench at 50% of working weight (33,15,15 at 30kgs)

Lower Body
3×5 Deadlift 100kgs

3×15 Glute bridges 40kgs
3×20 Woodchoopers with 12kg kettlebell

We started off late as the Olympic barbell class was doing a weightlifting competition of sorts which was fun to watch. I do hope we do that sort of thing once in a while, on both Olympic lifts and powerlifting lifts.

I should probably get my head around the whole 5/3/1 program more as I ended up deviating on the bench press and completely screwing up the weight on the deadlifts. I thought I was lifting 80kgs on the first set but in reality did 100kgs. No wonder that felt heavy! At least I was able to do the reps, which is good.

I don’t remember the details of Socs’ workout but it was an AMRAP which included 3 handstand push-ups (she did kip from a tripod position) and finished 6 rounds if I’m not mistaken. A pull-up and now 3 handstand push ups, she is going to destrominate L3 WODs soon!

Not yet strong enough

Warm Up
Level 2 (Socs)
Negative ring dips, banded pull ups

Level 3 (Allan)
WOD movements see below

Turkish get up practice 16kgs KB
6×5 Push press @ 40kgs

5 rounds
5 Power cleans (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)
10 Front Squat
5 Push Jerk
20 Pull ups (10 for Socs)
90 second rest

When I saw that we were scheduled to do a hero WOD called Hammer, I wasn’t sure what weight I would be doing. I can do 60kgs (Rx weight) power cleans for 5 reps sure. I can do 10 front squats as well. 5 push jerks are also possible I believe. Even at 5 rounds I could probably do it. But not all 3 in one round, 5 times. It’s not called a hero WOD for nothing.

I figured, correctly, that 50kgs would be the Goldilocks zone and it was apparent on the strength session that I am in still need of a strength boost. As Tom pointed out, my technique/mechanics are good but I can still improve on my strength. It just hammered in (pun intended) my current mindset of getting the weight on and concentrate on that. I just need to remind myself every time I step in to the gym.

Although I do need to sort out my sore shoulders and arms in order to maximize my training effort. Might just book myself a massage this weekend.

The WOD was as nasty as I imagined. Most of us in the class agreed that the combination of movements lead to us struggling on the push jerks. With a time cap of 25 minutes, I managed to do 4 rounds + 2 push jerk (I was ready to die then) while Socs finished 5 rounds in 21m24s.

Seemed a bit light

I’ve decided to dedicate my Saturday noon for a bit of strength session at CrossFit London UK and I’ve decided to use Wendler’s 5-3-1 programming as it fits nicely with the program and timing of the Saturday class.

The session looked like this:
Upper body
Press (5-5-5+ increasing weight)
Pull-ups between all sets

Assistance movements
50x diamond grip push-ups
50x Meadow’s row (per arm)

Lower Body
Squat (5-5-5+ increasing weight)

Assistance movements
50x Med ball sit-up/throws (partner assisted)
25x Razor curls from kneeling (partner assisted)

Pretty straightforward right? I sorted out all my prescribed weight for all movements (press, squat, bench press and deadlift) based on my 1RM. I managed to go through the press sessions well enough doing 32.5kgs, 37.5kgs then 42.5 kgs (for 8 reps). But then somehow things got confusing for the squat. I knew I had to do 93.5kgs on my last set for a minimum of 5 reps and I was a bit anxious on that as my 1RM is only 110kgs.

For some reason, when I loaded 45.5kgs on the first and 52.5kgs on the second set it did not occur to me that the numbers didn’t add up. They felt a bit light! I realized then that I was looking at my bench press numbers and wasted the 2 sets. I just decided to put 90kgs on the bar and see where that went. I managed to do 6 reps. I am now considering redoing the entire phase for squats or moving on to the next round (3×3 but heavier). I don’t want to complicate things more (I can’t even read my own programming correctly!) but I don’t want to waste my time either, so we’ll see on the next couple of weeks.

All Relative

6×4 Snatch @65% (A:40kg, S:22.5kg)

Handstand practice

10 minute AMRAP
7 Push ups (ring push up for Allan)
7 Power clean (5reps @ 60kg for Allan, 35kg for Socs)

I wasn’t quite sure I was happy to see the volume of the snatches considering my shoulders have had a beating last week. I was able to cleanly snatch the weight for the first 2 reps of each round but started failing on the 3rd or 4th one, there just wasn’t any stability/support on my shoulder muscles. Socs worked on her technique and light bulbs lit up as she starts to see the point of certain cues. Her snatches looked quite clean but just needs work on aggressiveness in my opinion.

It was the same story on handstands for me. I was happy that there was free handstand practice which I definitely need, but again the shoulders weren’t really 100%.

I think everyone agreed that this was a good WOD. Given that I only weight around 68kgs, anything in the region of 60kgs start to become heavy. It is all relative to bodyweight you see, I know I can never compete with the likes of Rich Froning or the firebreathers CrossFit London produces so I try to keep that into consideration when I look the whiteboard.

I’ve already decided to do 60kg power cleans, but Kat dropped a bomb and gave everyone a target of 10 rounds. For each unfinished round, we have to do 1 minute L-sit hang. Everyone had a bit of juggling with targets, weight and rep scheme to suit their levels and I was to target 9 rounds for the 7 ring push ups and 5 power cleans @60kg. Socs had to do the Rx 7/7 scheme and target 10 rounds. Fair enough. Off we go!

I managed to have a good pace all throughout and only had to shake off my arms a couple of times on the push ups and plough on with the heavy power cleans. By the end, both Socs and I had finished 8 rounds + 4 push ups.