rope burn

rope burn

5×3 OHS @82.5% 1RM (50kgs, 25kg)
6×3 Clean @70% 1RM (60kgs, 40kg)

5 rope climb buy in
KB swing (24kgs, 16kgs)
5 rope climb cash out

Straightforward strength session with overhead squats and cleans. I decided to snatch the weight from the floor to get some practice time in as well (some would term that as bad ass, but I’m not there yet). Then the cleans, which are still a favourite of mine. Hopefully I can get a 100kg clean soon.

I was looking forward to this session as it had rope climbs programmed in, which I have never done properly before (I have done a few ‘no leg’ climbs) but was always curious to see how easy/hard it was. Socs has never done rope climbs so it was quite an accomplishment for her. We kind of forced her to do it, but she scaled it down to halfway up the rope. We talked about it after the session and we reckon she could have done the full climb at least once, maybe twice. Something to consider next time.

The WOD was straightforward enough and I probably lost some time grabbing a bit of a drink and splitting the heavy KB swings on the first 2 rounds. Overall though it was a good session, despite the rope burn I got.


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