Short but not Sweet

Warm Up
800m run

Find 5RM handstand push ups
5×1 Snatch (3 position)

20 Front Squats 60kg (70% 1RM)
800m run

We started off with an 800m run to show us the route for the WOD later. It was then on to handstand push ups and I was glad to have been able to do 4 reps on deficit HSPU (hands on 10kg plates, head touches floor). It was difficult as I’ve already done my previous 5RM on the normal HSPUs, the 3rd one was already sticky but I still managed to do one more before failing on the fifth.

I wanted to go higher on the snatches but I was sharing with two more folks and I didn’t want the trouble of switching plates often so just concentrated on technique. I felt that I had the technique dialed in after a few sets so hopefully I can finally get that 60kg theoretical 1RM soon.

The WOD was straightforward, 20 heavy front squats and an 800m run. I managed to do split the front squats to 10-5-5 then off I went out into the cold and foggy East London streets. I started out well enough but had to stop to tie my shoes, which just gave me the excuse to stop a few more times right up until the last 200m where I forced myself to just keep going. I wanted to do the whole 800m unbroken (read: without stopping), no excuses this time.


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