Law of averages

It has been awhile since we’ve posted our workouts, I know it’s not as interesting as Hasselblad photos with some annoying light leaks (need to fix that) but I feel it is something we have to do to have some semblance of accountability. 2 weeks ago I felt awesome, WODS with deadlift-burpee and snatch-slamball couplets seemed to be right up my alley. Last week the manmakers with some suicide sprints hinted that I could probably push a bit more, while the double unders screwed me over yet again.

Yesterday, we did some push presses and lateral box jumps. I did not feel particularly strong (mentally and physically) so decided to go ‘easy’ with a lower weight and pretty much sloppy jumps. My fifth and last round showed me how I should have done it from the beginning, hard and fast (thanks to the guys pushing me on).

Two weeks ago I really felt I could be consistent in getting close to the recommended weights, but now I don’t know. I may have to work on detoxifying my system (crappy diet especially for lunch) and sort out having a good night’s sleep.


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