Law of averages

It has been awhile since we’ve posted our workouts, I know it’s not as interesting as Hasselblad photos with some annoying light leaks (need to fix that) but I feel it is something we have to do to have some semblance of accountability. 2 weeks ago I felt awesome, WODS with deadlift-burpee and snatch-slamball couplets seemed to be right up my alley. Last week the manmakers with some suicide sprints hinted that I could probably push a bit more, while the double unders screwed me over yet again.

Yesterday, we did some push presses and lateral box jumps. I did not feel particularly strong (mentally and physically) so decided to go ‘easy’ with a lower weight and pretty much sloppy jumps. My fifth and last round showed me how I should have done it from the beginning, hard and fast (thanks to the guys pushing me on).

Two weeks ago I really felt I could be consistent in getting close to the recommended weights, but now I don’t know. I may have to work on detoxifying my system (crappy diet especially for lunch) and sort out having a good night’s sleep.

More London Photos

More photos around London, from Finsbury Park, to Soho and Covent Garden.

Summer in the Philippines

Summer 2012, we headed back home to the Philippines for our good buddy’s wedding. It was a good excuse to go to the beach as well. Here are some photos from the trip using my Hasselblad. I believe this is my first cross processed film using a Hasselblad and my first chance to use Ilford black and white film as well.

Scotty, I need more power!

Nerd Alert! This post contains some geeky references, you have been warned

Socs and I have had our physical assessment and again it all validates what we’ve experience during our WODs. For me, Captain Kirk’s immortal words ring loudly. Scotty, I need more power!

Let me tell you why…

Power equals Work divided by Time. Meaning the less time you do the same amount of work, the more Power you produce (or need). But given that time is relatively constant, after all 1 second is always 1 second (and a 10 minute AMRAP is always 10 minutes), I basically need to improve the amount of work I do in that span of time.

Work is defined as Force times Distance. Again distance is relatively constant, ground to over head will always be however high I can bring my hands up. So the only variable left is how much Force I can produce over that distance.

Force (not the Star Wars kind) is Mass times Acceleration. Acceleration can be a number of things, gravity or the rotational velocity of a rowing machine for example, but essentially not really under my control. Which leaves me to Mass. Ah yes, mass, weight, kilograms, plates, dumbells, kettlebells. With all else being equal, all I need to do is lift heavier weights to produce more Work, ergo more Power. Scotty, I need more power!

If I can do that then I WILL BE A BEAST! I definitely need to get stronger…. way stronger.

Post inspired partly by Nerd Fitness