In memory of…

Warm up
Star run

Snatch 6×4 (65% 1RM) 40kgs
Front Squat AMAP 85% 1RM (70kgs)

Cpl David O’Connor
12 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (60 kgs)
2-24 Ring dips (starting at 2 ring dips, add 2 reps on each round)

It was time for snatches yet again, but this time it was for volume so I decided to see what the heaviest I could do without sacrificing form. It looked like I could start doing 40kgs for such efforts and probably increase it a bit more as I’m getting the hang of it. I was mostly power snatching closte to 40kgs instead a full squat snatch so I reckon I could do 60kgs on a full squat snatch. That means I could theoretically now do the 2nd part of the Crossfit Games Open Snatch Ladder WOD! Well one rep, but I’ll take it! Looking forward to giving it a go.

Next up on strength was front squats and based on the math, I am now up to a new 1RM of 85kgs based on last night’s effort. That’s 5 kgs up my current PB. Hopefully this can translate to thrusters and cleans.

The WOD was a tribute to someone Tom knew while he was with the Royal Marines Commandos. I decided to keep the weight down to 60kgs instead of 80kgs Rx, which might have been a bad decision as I’ve always wanted to improve my deadlift. But 12 rounds was a lot so I kept the intensity up and pushed to do all 10 deadlifts in one go. I only managed to drop it once or twice, with the others all out or resting at the top. I managed to do 4 ring dips on round 8 I think.


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